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10 Effective Uses Of Social Media For Business Growth


The modern-day business is largely dependent on the promotional strategies that can get them lucrative consumer responses. However, current marketers prefer strategies that are inexpensive, less time-consuming, and more productive than conventional methods. That’s why most of them favor social media marketing techniques to generate better results with minimal expenditures. Social media is now an essential component of almost every brand’s digital marketing strategy. Having active social avatars on all popular platforms contributes to your success on the internet and improves your brand’s SEO performance. But many newcomers are confused about picking the best social media platforms for business growth. So, here are ten simple methods to leverage social sites to increase brand awareness:

10 Effective Uses Of Social Media For Business Growth

1. Choose the correct platform

Many social media websites exist that offer unique features and distinct marketing opportunities to brands. Your main priority is to select the most suitable platform where the majority of your target audience resides. Facebook is the hotspot for businesses seeking lead generation and relationship building. On the other hand, Twitter is an ideal place to find folks interested in current trends, political debates, and the latest news. While LinkedIn is the center of typical B2B and B2C marketing activities and networking. It is worth mentioning that these platforms provide you the opportunity to share credible blogs and content that includes information regarding the offered products.

Pro Tip: Try adding a blog category to your business website. Create SEO content that can help increase your ranking on various search engines. Be vigilant in incorporating off-page and on-page SEO techniques and authentic outbound links to your blogs. Lastly, share content on social media platforms to get more visits to your website.

2. Bring the human factor

What sort of content drives more traffic on social media? The answer involves the human factor. You must create content that connects with your niche on a personal level. Don’t pretend to be a faceless corporation aiming to make money online. Treat your followers like friends by cracking light jokes and being conversational – since the audience has often derided brands for sounding like bleak robots. That’s why you must now show your human side to win “people’s hearts” on social media.

3. Make people trust you

The purpose of creating a social media strategy isn’t just to acquire customers but also to maintain a relationship of trust and loyalty with them. That’s why brands implement link-building strategies to gain more trust online. Undoubtedly, these external hyperlinks improved a website’s ranking, build brand trust, and improve organic traffic. Moreover, these backlinks also help you create healthy relations with other businesses.

4. Try helping out people through content

Produce content that answers people’s questions and helps them solve their problems. Focus on factors such as content relevancy as it brings more traffic to your website. Remember that your focus should be on creating posts that help people. You can do that by answering Quora/Reddit questions or people’s queries in your comment section. Try to give active responses as it will convince more to make a purchase decision. Don’t just pitch your product like a salesperson; become a problem-solver for your niche.

5. Make ties with influencers

Your company can access millions of potential consumers online by networking with Facebook celebrities or Instagram influencers. Statistics show that 89% of marketers consider the trend of influencer marketing to be fruitful and cost-effective. Find an authority figure your niche trusts, then collaborate with that personality to boost your website traffic. Getting endorsements from one celebrity can help you reach a previously untapped market and open new pathways for your brand.

6. Adding powerful CTAs

It isn’t enough for visitors to just read your content. You should direct your audience’s next action and motivate them to perform some particular function. In usual cases, this action involves buying something from you. Marketers utilize CTA (call-to-action) strategy to encourage the followers to take that necessary action. These CTAs are blunt, direct, and relevant to your niche’s expectations. Also, they prevent consumers from getting demotivated or lose their interest in the buying cycle.

7. Retargeting your customers

Marketers know that not every consumer visits your website to purchase something. Studies from 2017 show that over 90% of first-time visitors have no intention to buy from you. But leads getting cold can be frustrating; therefore, marketers organize retargeting campaigns. When a visitor arrives at your website, “cookies” remember that person’s online activities. Then you reengage that person by showing targeted advertisements for turning that one-time visitor into a future customer.

8. Believe in automation

Automation enables marketers to maintain a consistent presence on the internet. You can schedule your posts and publish them in advance. It’s like turning your social presence on autopilot while you focus on other matters of interest. Several digital software programs are available; using them can help brands automate their tweets and updates.

9. Be generous with ads

Social networking websites also enable brands to attract more audience inorganically via paid ads. These tactics are costly but experimenting with ads does benefit struggling businesses. Paid ads can help your brand reach its objectives faster than previously planned. So, try creating ads that target your audience by resonating with their expectations. Since your target market is more likely to buy from you, this marketing strategy increases your site’s conversion rate in real-time.

10. Organize contests and giveaways

Online competitions, giveaways, and discounts allow brands to promote their services, spread brand awareness, and engage with their active followers. Also, this technique isn’t costly but is influential in attracting more traffic to your website. Marketers organize weekly contests where they engage the audience in different fun activities. These activities affect your content’s shareability and contribute to word-of-mouth marketing. That’s how brands earn trust among the target audience.

Today, 55% of businesses invest in SEO Services to help increase the visibility of their business websites in search engine results like Google and Bing.


Marketing maneuvers have evolved with time as more and more marketers are now opting for digital marketing strategies. In the 21st century, almost one-third of the human population relies on social media to communicate with the outside world. Business companies manipulate these platforms to contact potential customers, turn them into leads, and maintain them as loyal consumers. Keeping a consistent social media presence also boosts your organic visibility while enhancing the brand’s SERP ranking. It all leads to the company acquiring more traffic and eventually establishing itself as an authority among your niche.


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