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3 Office Supplies Every Company Needs


Have you been wondering which office supplies you need?

Are you torn between two or three items, or have you been questioning the relevance of some?

If you’ve answered “yes” to at least one of these questions, you’re in the right place.

For your company to run smoothly, there are certain items you cannot afford to miss. These items should offer versatility, simplicity, and functionality in a typical office environment.

3 Office Supplies Every Company Needs

So, whether you are trying to figure out what to prioritize in your next purchase, or you’re trying to establish a new business, here are the top three office supplies to put first:


Today, one of the biggest words being used in relation to office management is “paper-free.” Although it’s great that most of us are trying to shift to computers to handle our day-to-day activities, the paper is still relevant for countless reasons.

First of all, employees still like working with paper because of its simplicity. Computers and other backlit electronic devices have certain barriers that, in some instances, interfere with the office flow work. It’s easier to carry a piece of paper around and handle quick tasks during meetings, for instance, without worrying about an electronic malfunction. If you ask around your workplace, you’ll just learn that your employees cannot do without paper because it just feels easier to work with compared to electronic devices.

Paper is a universal medium of information management and communication. Like others, your organization should keep it around at least to standardize in-house communication.
No matter what tech developments and buzz surface, you can ensure your company remains productive with paper.

Office Headsets

If you’re the kind of business owner who cares for their employees, then you may have considered getting good quality office headsets. These gadgets reduce the physical discomfort of cradling the phone on the shoulder, such as back pain and exhaustion. They also boost work productivity. According to a Plantronics headset medical study, using headsets in the office can boost efficiency and productivity in the workplace by 43%.

As you can imagine, having a wireless office headset can help you free up both your hands to write on paper, use your computer, or work on an important task. The device also gives you more freedom to leave your desk and move around while making calls. This would obviously make you a lot more productive and efficient. Now imagine how things would be if all your employees could have the same advantage. How much more work would your business generally handle?

Did you know that modern, headsets come with a high-quality noise-canceling technology that filters up to 75% of background noise? This not only benefits the person using the headset but the individual on the other end of the line. In your company, this would mean more effective communication and better customer service.


Stationery, such as pens, sticky notes, highlighters, erasers, rulers, correction aids, and pencils are another group of critical items that computers are unsuccessfully trying to kick out of our modern-day offices. However, based on its function and importance, your office cannot do without some of these items, although we never appreciate them until they go missing.

All your office fundamentals, including your laptop, tablet, and printer, require a battery or a form of electrical assistance to function. That means that they can stop working at any moment.
Secondly, if you need to write down something quickly, such as a number, while making a call, that pen would be your go-to item. If you’re in a meeting and hear something noteworthy that you might forget, a pen and your notebook would be among the first items you look for.

And that’s not all. Anytime you’re reading a document and want to highlight important parts of it, a colored highlighter would make things easier for you.

Maintain your workflow by equipping your company with enough stationery.

I know that some of these items seem rudimentary, especially if your idea is to have a modern, tech-driven company. Unfortunately, these items could be the difference between achieving your goals and being stuck in a rut. If your employees are always wasting time looking for a pen, highlighter, or sticky note to respond to a client, you should not expect much from them.


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