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How to Repair Corrupted Archive Files & Why it Became Corrupted?


How the archive file is become corrupted? What are the reasons behind it?. If you are going through the blog online, it means that you are aware of how to utilize the internet. And for those who work with the internet, zip files are not unusual. They can view certain files at any time. Whenever download something through the internet, Once the file is downloaded, you can extract it with software that sets it back to its original structure, but not every time.

How to Repair Corrupted Archive Files & Why it became corrupted

Sometimes the archive is corrupted and now let’s look behind the factors by which it gets corrupted.

What is the reason behind the archive file corruption?

There may be various reasons for archive file corruption. Here we are mentioning some of the reason behind file corruption. Therefore, let’s take a glimpse at a few of the major reasons behind corrupted data.

Reason No. 1: Maximum compressed file formats particularly Zip remain open source formats. The data is recorded in two file headers. Yet, as it is an open-source format a header problem is frequently inescapable. The application that managed to extract the file might use the header being incorrect then the Zip file seems to be corrupt.

Reason No 2: Additionally, a common reason behind a corrupt compressed file includes transfer errors throughout the download of the data. In this case, invalid data might get attached to the Zip file performing it impossible to retrieve within usual extracting applications.

Reason No. 3: Sometimes you might see that an earlier working Zip file in your movable drive ultimately gets broken or corrupt. This seems due to an earlier existing corrupted file on the drive.

These are some reasons behind the archive is corrupted. So the next question arises that can we recover the data?. If a file gets corrupted then it doesn’t mean that it can not be recovered. Depending on the cause, there are various simple methods that involve downloading the data again or transferring it to a different movable disk.

What is Archive Files?

All of the archived files are helpful in managing multiple data files collectively into a single file. It is because of easier portability and storage, or just to compress files to take less storage space. In another word, we can say that an archive file is a type of file which includes one or more computer files with its metadata.

How to fix the archive is corrupted? We understand that file corruption is one of the causes that lead to archive decompression failure. The supplementary reason is the wrong password.

It occurs due to the wrong password. Again extract the archive is corrupted with the correct password is OK. Now, let’s see the fixing with the RAR/ZIP archive corrupt error.

If the archive data is corrupted, perhaps it is not so simple to extract as it is, when the archive password is incorrect. But it is possible to fix RAR or ZIP archive successfully by using the following three methods.

Now let us get back to fixing the archive is corrupted

You can utilize the following method to repair archive files.

Method 1: Make use of WinZip for Archive

WinZip is a popular tool to compress, share, control, password-protect, and backup your important large files. Be it .zip or .zipx, WinZip fixes corrupt files involved in a particular archive file. WinZip upgraded engine and enhanced cloud services necessitate a reliable, integration that will support to keep it there. It has impressive characteristics and comfort of usage.

How to fix the archive is corrupted to know, follow the steps:

  • Print the Command Prompt in the search bar and start it as admin.
  • Follow the below-mentioned command in the dialog box that opens:

COMMAND C:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yf zipfile.zip.

  • Press Enter to perform the preceding command.
  • To get passage to a split or spanned Zip file, apply the following command:

COMMANDC:\Program Files\WinZip\wzzip” -yfs zipfile.zip.

By applying the above-mentioned command, WinZip will build a new Zip file including a FIXED suffix in the file title. The original Zip file will continue the identical without any alteration. At last, the FIXED Zip file can be accessible, besides this, if the data still corrupt then you can use the next method to fix the archive is corrupted.

Method 2: Release Archive with WinRAR

WinRAR is a high-level tool and is a successful file extraction software. This utility supports to fix corrupt ZIP and RAR arrangements. WinRAR includes a file repair tool in the software, that serves to fix corrupted archives and it is extremely suggested by Windows Report. Let’s have a look at its features:

  1. Extremely advanced, the primary compression algorithm.
  2. Optimized by unique algorithms for text, audio, graphics, 32-bit and 64-bit Intel executables compression.
  3. Shell interface including the drag-and-drop ability.
  4. Making of self-extracting archives (including multivolume) using the default or elective SFX modules.
  5. Recovering the archive is corrupted.

Now apply the below steps for this effectual application and solve the “how to fix the archive is corrupted” issue:

  • Download WinRAR, tap on the address bar, and then choose the location of the corrupted data.
  • Locate and tap on the corrupted archive data (RAR or ZIP data)
  • Now, you have to simply tap on the Repair option in the tool and select the repair archiver from the drop-down menu.
  • As you see a new dialogue box, select the location where you need to save the new archive. At last, tap on OK to save the procedure setting.
  • Wait till the repair process complete, Now proceed to the folder selected as the location for the new archive, and access the fixed file.

Method 3: Fix the damaged Archive file through a compressed repair tool

This is another method to fix the archive is corrupted. Apply a special compressed file fixing tool that is available to fix corrupted or broken RAR or ZIP archives. For example, we ought Zipmagic, RAR Recovery Toolbox, Advanced RAR Repair. They should be more dominant than the fixing function given by WinRAR or WinZip. These begin with a variety of algorithms to consider spoiled archives to retrieve archive data. It also checks the compatibility of the archive data. Any of these makes archive damaged data recovery commendable.

There is a condition to using the tool, “they are not free”. They became the correct choices for you if there is no option to fix the corrupted file or data.

Method 4: Fix “the archive is corrupted” by implementing the shortcut menu

It is also a different method named “Shortcut Menu”. By implementing this unique option, you can repair damaged archive data. (most mainly small-sized damaged archive data).

Apply the below-mentioned procedures to fix the issue.

  • The initial step is to download WinRAR software.
  • Now you have to choose the damaged archive data and right-click on damaged data.
  • Here, you ought to tap on extract files in the shortcut menu that rises up.
  • After following the above-mentioned steps. Proceed to the Extraction path and options menu and prefer a folder to store decompressed archives.
  • Now, you have to check the box showing keep damaged files in Miscellaneous.
  • After that, you have to click on OK to begin the extraction process. If any Error messages arrive on the pc; neglect those messages, and extract the archive data.
  • At last, you can check the stored folder for all the incorrupt data.

These are the methods through which you will able the fix the archive file is corrupted.

As we previously told you that it’s not a big deal of getting files or data corrupted. If anyone using the internet he/she will face the issue someday. So for them, we have suggested different methods to fix the issue.

But, what to do when you are not getting the desired full results with any of the above methods. In such a case, you need a trusted and reliable alternative way to get back the information stored in the corrupted archive. We recommend you to use the highly secure Archive Recovery.


The blog is linked to “how to fix the archive is corrupted”. We have discussed, why the data get corrupted and what’s maybe the reason behind that issue. Moreover, suggested the four different methods to resolve the issue and then can able to access the data or file.

If you are trying to fix the issue you can use any of the methods and follow the steps of that method. Surely you will succeed in fixing the corrupted archive file.

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