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4 Side Hustle Tips for Working Moms During COVID


As a mom who wants to work, it might be difficult balancing a regular job and the time you have to put toward caring for your children. It can be especially difficult during the pandemic because your options might seem highly limited. In this case, a side hustle might be the only way to go. Here are some side hustle ideas and tips for working moms during COVID-19.

4 Side Hustle Tips for Working Moms During COVID

1. Work a Side Hustle While Your Children Are Sleeping

The key to making it with a side hustle as a working mom is to master getting around the children’s sleep schedule. The possibilities are endless for the things you can do as a side hustle. Just make sure they are activities that you can do while your children are sleeping. Selling things online is an easy side hustle to do while the children are asleep. You can list items anytime and have them end at any time. All you need to do is take pictures of the items you’re selling and write amazing descriptions for all of them. They will sell themselves.

2. Take Regular Days Off

Ensure that you give yourself some time to relax and recharge by taking some time off to yourself. It’s good to take two regular days off, no matter what side hustle you choose. Pick two days of the week that are convenient for you and refuse to do any work during those two days. Turn off all forms of communication and spend your days relaxing with your kids. Get out of the house. It’s important for you to take your kids outside to enjoy the fresh air and engage in activities that will enrich their minds and make them happy. Getting a little sunlight will give them an extra dose of healthy vitamin C, as well.

Take a vacation once you build up enough income as to where you don’t have to work for a certain amount of time. Don’t be afraid to take a week or two off from your side hustle and explore a new area of the world that you’ve never seen. You may want to take a cross-country trip or go to an exotic land. The choice is yours, and you have the right to vacation however you like.

3. Choose Something That Doesn’t Require Much Overhead

Managing your overhead is important when you’re trying to do a side hustle, as well. You want to choose something that provides you with the most income earning potential with the least costs to you. Renting your car or a room in your home is an idea that won’t cost you much overhead. The only cost to you will be the expense you need to put forward for the newspaper ad or online post. In most cases, there is no cost involved in it.

Joining the alliance of content creators is another idea. These creators are artistic individuals who use their creativity to write articles and blogs. Some creators make candles, trinkets and other works of art. Content creation gigs are excellent because they give you a chance to do something you love doing and earn money simultaneously. You can even use your social media accounts to post your content and garner financial support from your followers.

4. Have Several Income Streams

Finally, you should make sure that you have several income streams, no matter your main side gig. You can never tell what will happen in the future in such a versatile world. Therefore, it will be smart for you to have at least three different streams of income that you can rely on if you have to work from home for several years. You have to start building your nest egg up as well as the funds that will support you in the future when you can no longer work. You can do it with side gigs, but you have to have faith and dedication.

Become a Side Hustle Queen Today

You have the power to earn money right at the tips of your fingers. Start your side hustle today, and you can have it all. You can be successful financially, and you can be there for your children when you need to be.


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