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5 Good Things to Come Out of 2020


2020 is likely to be remembered as one of the most tumultuous years in history for some time to come. The coronavirus pandemic brought sickness and tremendous loss of life around the world. People lost jobs. Food and housing scarcity increased as well. It can be difficult to think of any positives that occurred in this terrible year. However, the many changes the world’s collective population was forced to undergo did lead to what can be seen as some constructive outcomes. Here are five good things to come out of 2020.

5 Good Things to Come Out of 2020

1. People Helped in Big Ways

This is definitely the year many folks began to appreciate the helpers. Parents began to truly appreciate the job that their kids’ teachers do on a daily basis when they found themselves in the role of a homeschooler. Everyone gained a new appreciation for essential workers such as grocery store personnel and delivery drivers. The healthcare force became heroes in the minds of people everywhere. It became clear that there are segments of the world’s workers who are indispensable.

We all also got to see people step up to help each other. Folks sewed masks. They donated their time. They provided food, money, and resources to their neighbors and to charity organizations. Mutual aid groups flourished. The helpers were everywhere.

2. More Work from Home Opportunities

Before 2020, the idea of working from home was a dream for many. In order to increase social distancing, most companies began allowing their workforces to do their jobs at home whenever possible. We, as a collective population, started to realize just what was possible when it came to flexible work/life balance. Various work from home configurations will likely persist even after the vaccine is widely distributed and things began to slowly return to normal. This type of employment can continue to provide advantages to the wider work population.

3. Flexible Shopping Options

In addition, our idea of shopping changed in 2020. More delivery and curbside pickup options sprung up, allowing more time for everyday consumers to utilize in preferred ways. They no longer had to spend hours shopping for groceries and other needed items each week.

Supply chains have had their ups and downs throughout the pandemic, but industries rallied. They came up with new ways to deliver needed goods to people everywhere. Innovations such as grocery lockers allow stores to bring their products closer to the consumers for increased convenience. More of these creations will probably pop up over time to accommodate the changing landscape.

4. Families Strengthened

One of the best pieces of good news to come from 2020 probably lies in strengthened family relationships. While it could be nerve-wracking to be cooped up with your entire family at home, a lot of people will say they truly appreciated the quality time they’ve received with loved ones in 2020. The year brought a fresh perspective, and it allowed individuals to feel gratitude for the health and good fortune of being with the people they hold most dear.

5. New Ways to Connect

Social distancing forced the world to find new ways to communicate and to connect. Human beings are social creatures who want to communicate and interact with others. Technology lets the world’s citizens stay in touch with friends and family in new ways. You can play virtual board games or watch a movie from a distance with pals. Zoom calls and meetings have become commonplace. As have innovative options for learning and encountering novel experiences.

You can pick up your laptop and find a way to learn or see nearly anything that happens to interest you. Take a free online class. See a guided tour of a museum or tourist destination you’ve always hoped to experience. All of this can happen from the comfort of your own home. These days, out of necessity, it’s become easier to explore the world and to connect in meaningful ways.

The year 2020 has shown that people will find ways to get what they need. It’s demonstrated the resilience of people and shown the lengths to which folks will go to take care of one another. Despite the upheaval and loss, there have been quite a few good things to come from 2020.

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