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5 Adventurous Ways to Let Loose with Family This Summer


Have your family members tired of the same old excursions every summer? As families grow and change, so do their interests. Why not liven things up this summer with activities that are adventurous as well as educational? Try a few of these daring outings to add some excitement to those long summer days and form lifelong memories of these once in a lifetime moments.

5 Adventurous Ways to Let Loose with Family This Summer


Geocaching is a type of scavenger hunt. You search for treasures hidden by others who have placed the GPS coordinates of the object online. These objects can be anything from rocks and trinkets to cash or other valuables.

You can spend a whole day on the hunt for these secret treasures. Geocached items can be anywhere. You may find yourself hunting in the middle of town, a deep forest, state park, or open field. The adventures are endless, and you will not only be rewarded with your find but also time well spent with the ones you love.

River Tubing

There aren’t many things more exciting than racing down a rushing waterway. Grab the family and spend the day racing down the river on a giant inflatable tube for an adrenaline rush like no other. Nothing is as refreshing as cool river water in the hottest days of the year.

If you are up for a trip, try river tubing in Southern California where some of America’s most exciting waterways are found. Not sure your family is ready? Take a few lessons first.

Simply rent the tubes, helmets, and life vests and let the family bonding begin. The kids will be bragging about this trip to all their friends when they go back to school and you can enjoy knowing it is something they will never forget.

The Sky is the Limit

A family craving thrills and chills are never disappointed in activities involving flights of fantasy. Skydiving, ziplining, or a ride on a skylift is enough to raise even the grumpiest family member’s spirits.

Adults and older kids will feel the rush of skydiving for years afterward. Ziplining and skylifts are a great way to introduce younger kids to the excitement the wide-open sky can bring.

Feel the breeze on your face and watch the delight on the faces of your family as they experience an unencumbered view of the world around them. If such open exposure to heights isn’t your thing, consider a plane ride or helicopter trip where you can enjoy the sky from inside.

Movie Night

Everyone enjoys a good adventure movie but making your own is even more fun. Write your own script from imagination or adapt your favorite action-adventure film script to fit your family. Use household items as props and discover your inner costume designer with old clothes from the attic or your own closet.

If a whole movie is too daunting, consider filming your version of favorite family movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Harry Potter. Kids love to dress up in costumes and act out adventures. Having them on film for posterity is just a plus.

Don’t assume this activity has to break the bank. All you need is your cell phone camera and whatever you find at home. Use your imagination. Anything is possible in the world of cinema.


Exploring wild caves is a wonderful adventure for all family members. It has an air of mystery and an Indiana Jones vibe. There are many caves all over the country that are family-friendly and ready to be explored. You can join in the fun with your community. The benefit is in knowing what to expect ahead of time.

If you choose to explore a less public, wild cave system it is a good idea to visit alone first to ensure there are no safety hazards for young children. Take along a backpack full of snacks, a first-aid kit, and a flashlight with fresh batteries. Leave some room for all the interesting rocks and cool finds you’ll be bringing home. Don’t forget the camera.

There are so many ways to break the monotony mold of summer trips. Anything can be adventurous with the right spirit. Do something different. Go somewhere you have never been. Discovering new things with your family is the most adventurous activity of them all.

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