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5 Great Ways Men Can Increase Their Energy in Their 40s


If you are a man in your 40s or know a man in his 40s, you might want information on how men in this age group can increase their energy. There are many ways you can do this, but these five tips are great ways that are known to be effective.

5 Great Ways Men Can Increase Their Energy in Their 40s

1. Changes to Diet

Diet can have a huge impact on energy levels, and you should be certain to look into your diet. You have many resources that can help you with this, but you always need to check with your medical provider. Your provider will be able to give you diet tips specific to your needs. And if you are concerned about someone else’s needs, you should suggest they seek medical advice, too.

You or any man in their 40s must be certain there is plenty of water in your diets. Eight glasses of water a day, minimum, is your recommendation. Make sure to also incorporate energy-producing foods like leafy greens, high-potassium fruits, and even some guilty pleasures. Spinach, bananas, and an occasional piece of dark chocolate are healthy energy sources you can enjoy.

2. More Exercise

There is no way around it, but your body needs at least 30 minutes of light aerobic exercise every day or at least five days a week. Popular options you should consider are walking, jogging, tennis, and swimming. These activities could work wonders for your and most anyone else in your age group.

If a little extra motivation and accountability are needed, you could turn to gym memberships for assistance. Gyms can be enjoyed alone, and you can take part in group classes, too. Even if you are feeling tired, you need to exercise. It helps produce the energy you need.

3. Better Sleep

How much quality sleep men get in their 40s plays a big role in energy levels, and you should be cognizant of that. Did you know seven to nine hours of sleep a night is suggested to ensure you have enough shut-eye? To make sure you or someone you know has enough energy look at your sleep quality.

If you have a hard time falling asleep, you need to look at when and what you eat, detachment from news and social media before bed, and whether or not you have the right type of mattress and bedding. And no matter your budget, you can find products that will improve your comfort level.

4. Hormone Therapy

Any time energy levels are dragging you down too much, you always need to check with your medical provider to get their input. Not only is their advice important, but you or someone you love could have underlying health issues. Your provider can rule out serious concerns.

Men in their 40s might be encouraged to try out different types of therapies, and you should know certain therapies are known to be very helpful. One popular form of therapy known to address low energy levels is testosterone therapy, and this type of therapy might just be the solution you need. It might be that hormones are off causing this lack of energy you notice.

5. Meditation

Not taking time to zone out and remove yourself from the world can have a direct impact on those of you in your 40s. Men, you must make time for meditation. You must learn to stop and distance yourself from stressors. You also need to learn to stop to express gratitude.

You do not have to sit in a yoga studio or church, although both ideas could help. Even pauses for just a few minutes can be helpful, and you cannot be told enough how helpful this can be. Any time you take to pause will likely produce energy, even if for just a little while. Think about what kinds of results you could see if you got into a habit of making a mediation a priority.

Don’t Let Low Energy Levels Drag You Down

Your 40s are supposed to be your prime. And if you or a man you know is in this age group, you should not be okay with energy issues dragging you down. Turn to one or more of the just discussed ways to increase energy in your 40s.

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