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5 Apps Which Make You More Productive in Everyday Life


I must confess, I haven’t always been the productive kind. There were times when procrastination took the best of me. I was caught up with hobbies that killed my precious time.

Most of us have been in that phase. Right?

But do you let those things persist for a lifetime?


The smart ones shed them off!

Given you are here on this page, I will assume you are one of the smarty-pants.

5 Apps Which Make You More Productive in Everyday Life

Modern Solutions to a Productive Lifestyle

Living in this tech-driven era is no less than a blessing. While there is a large body of researchers agreeing upon the fact that technology is chronically distracting us, there are many others who believe on the contrary. Entities in the corporate sector are allowing their employees to use tech, based on authentic research results. Many companies are trying to improve enterprise mobility and encouraging the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy.

Besides the workplace productivity, technology has also helped individuals to boost their overall outcomes for the day. They tend to achieve more, eventually increasing their sense of self-actualization.

Following are some of the ways technology helps an individual in everyday life:

  • To keep your priorities on track
  • To jot down your ideas, articles, and activities
  • To simplify your expense reports
  • Enable you to focus on the present
  • Streamline your family calendar

And there is one biggest advantage that tags along with each of these – it makes your life less strenuous. You are achieving more in a limited time. Research has found that being organized reduces stress and depression, improves your relationships, and boosts your productivity.

Mobile applications are the best tools to strengthen your everyday productivity.

With that said, our experts have rounded up five apps likely to be useful for most people.

Let’s take a look:

1. Todoist

Tackle the daily chaos with Todoist!

Todoist is an app that lets you quickly enlist the tasks, assign deadlines, and check them off as soon as you get them done.

Apart from the core functions of lists, it also has some underlying features. For example, you can schedule weekly tasks, set reminders, and turn important emails into a task list. Assuming some people might want to coordinate daily tasks with their family members, it also contains a sharing option. You can create categories like “kitchen renovation” or “groceries for the month.”

Besides helping individuals, this app can also make it to the list of proven ways to nurture productivity in workplaces.

2. RescueTime

Go from busy to productive with RescueTime!

According to a survey, only 10 percent of the individuals feel they are in control of how they are spending their day.

The rest do not feel as satisfied with their everyday productivity. RescueTime is an incredible app to counter this problem.

It has credible productivity training and award-winning tools that enable you to build better habits. You learn to master your habits and control your time. It tracks how you spend your day, and each week it generates a report for the users. This report provides how you spend your time via the internet, which sites you visit most often, and for how long.

From that point, you can work to cut out those distractive forums. The RescueTime team also offers a 4-week training program. It teaches you where your hours go and how you can save them.

3. Evernote

Stop missing the essentials with Evernote!

Evernote is another note-taking app with a proven track record. It is a versatile app that can sync across all devices. From scheduling hangouts with friends to taking notes during a meeting, this app works for all. It allows you to store, edit, and tag documents for optimal organization.

A few years ago, this app was on the verge of termination. Tech press and blogs were all talking about Evernote being doomed in a death spiral. Competitors like Notion and OneNote had surfaced. However, the funny thing was – its users were not ready to give up. (surely the developers deserve applause for their customer-retention efforts!)

The CEO recently released his 2020 Update: Our Progress and the Road Ahead report. Plus, they created things like their Behind the Scenes Youtube series. Some additional features like Clipping Web Pages and scanning capabilities have enabled this app to stand out from others in the market.

4. FocusBooster

Switch off the distractions around you with FocusBooster!

As the name suggests, FocusBooster is an app that tends to enhance the focusing capacity of the users.

A timer rings after every 25-minutes. When you hear that, take it as a signal to leave the task you were doing. The app gives you a 5-minute time to take a stretch or grab something to drink. This practice helps to reduce mental exhaustion. You can execute the mind-consuming tasks with efficiency and save a few hours that may waste otherwise.

5. Sunrise

Smartly handle your calendar with Sunrise!

If you have multiple calendars to tackle, Sunrise is the best assistant. It seamlessly connects all calendar applications. You can get a streamlined representation of all your appointments and due dates. Needless to say, this makes you more productive. Your chances of missing or forgetting a deadline are considerably low.

A piece of advice – Make a habit of checking out the online word for each app you plan to install. Even if it is a gaming app, like Big Barn World, you should read its rating and overall AirG Reviews, before you click the download button.

Final Thoughts

The world nowadays is a whirlwind of information.
Amid severe competition, strong distractions, and many other factors –most of us feel stressed and unproductive at the end of the day. And such thoughts are neither good for your health nor your social life.

You need a solid plan to beat these factors. And our list of apps was meant to do just that!

Do you know of any other productivity app you can vouch for? I would love to hear about that!

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