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Points to Remember Before Applying for Australian Study Visa


Congratulations, you have made up your mind to go to Australia for higher education. If you are still confused, don’t be. Australia is one of the best destinations in the world you can choose to consider higher education. The country houses some of the top universities, colleges and programs that are bound to provide every student the best possible learning and multicultural experience.

Now that you have decided to give a better shape to your future, there are a few points you must keep in mind to make sure that things move in the right direction. Here are some points you must remember before applying for Australian study visa.

Choose Your Education & Migration Agent Wisely

Education agent plays a very vital role in getting study visa successfully. You must ensure that you choose a registered MARA agent. MARA agents are registered and authorized by the Government of Australia to act on behalf of visa applicants, and know the application process inside-out. You can call them immigration lawyers!

It is suggested you visit at least 2 to 3 migration agents in your area and choose the one with the best track record. You can check their positive records and popularity through their respective social media platforms, testimonials, Google Reviews, Facebook Reviews, etc.

Taking above steps will nearly make sure you have chosen the right migration agent to apply for your study visa to Australia.

Choose the Right Course and Provider

By choosing right course and provider, we mean to suggest that you should enrol in a course that is relevant and in line with your past study. If you are a medical student in your home country, it will not be a good idea to study accounts overseas, right?

Therefore, you must ensure that you choose the course that is in line and relevant to your previous qualification.

As far as provider is concerned, there may be different colleges or universities providing the course you wish to enrol in. Choose the provider based on factors like tuition fees, vicinity/campus, living expenses, scholarship, etc.

Choosing the right provider will save you a lot of money. Don’t just haphazardly choose the top university, for it may be extremely costly and you may not be able to afford the program in a longer run. Choose the one that suits your pocket and needs.

Arrange Sufficient Funds and Documents

This important point comes in line with the one mentioned above. Higher education abroad is obviously expensive and you must arrange sufficient funds that can last you at least a year overseas. You’ll need to consider tuition fees, living expenses, travel expenses, etc. Your agent should be able to give you a fair idea about the expenses you may incur.

Furthermore, it is very important to gather all the relevant documents that may be required to apply for the visa. Your migration agent will provide you the list of all the documents you may need in order to get your visa successfully.

PR Pathway?

Most of the students go for higher education in Australia with primary motive of getting permanent residency. If this is your motive too, it is suggested you enrol in a course that gives you an easier PR pathway. Your education agent should be able to give you an idea that may lead to PR in future. Of course, you’ll need to gain experience in the relevant field and work your way through things in a positive way.

Don’t be a student who is hopping courses in a hope to elongate his/her stay in Australia, for it will only lead to refusal of visa eventually and you won’t have any other way to go but to get back home.

Take all your decisions cautiously and try to mingle in the Australian culture as a good citizen would. Follow all the laws at all the times.

Keeping the aforementioned points in mind will help you steer through different things in an easier way, and can help you secure your student visa easily. Take assistance from a trusted agent and you’ll be good to go! Stay confident and learn new things everyday!

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