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5 Creative Things You Can Do with a Warehouse


Do you have a vacant warehouse somewhere? Perhaps the client you had rented to move out or you just acquired the property. No matter what the reason is, a warehouse should not be left empty for long. This property has so much potential. Put to good use, it will help you make money. What can you do with an empty warehouse? Here are some creative ideas.

5 Creative Things You Can Do with a Warehouse

An Event Center

The space in a warehouse is enough to support the gathering of several people. Take advantage of this and turn it into an event center. You can rent it out to people who need to hold events such as weddings, church gatherings, concerts, and so on. Event organizers can hold big events in this enclosed space. Here, they do not have to worry about the weather. They can stage any event, come rain or shine.

To create a perfect event center, soundproof the warehouse and get the necessary equipment. You may need to make a stage, bring in furniture and/or sound systems. If you have the capital, it is best to buy. If not, renting is a viable option. You may also let event organizers renting the space bring everything they need. The nitty-gritty of how an event center is organized will differ depending on what you envision. Also, consider the needs of the target market.

Coworking and Meeting Space

Your warehouse does not have to be used as a whole. A good idea is to divide it into small spaces and start a coworking hub. This is a space where people from different backgrounds come to work with shared facilities. Your target clients will be freelancing individuals and small businesses. These people are looking for coworking spaces because of the flexibility and freedom offered. There are many other benefits of coworking for businesses and this has increased the demand for this service. Take advantage and be the solution to a need.

Setting up coworking spaces may not be easy but it will give a high return on investment upon completion. You will need to structure the warehouse so it has several amenities such as:

  • Restrooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Private and shared office spaces
  • Reliable internet and phone services
  • Cafeteria

Another option is to have meeting rooms in the warehouse. Have conference rooms of different capacities. Talk to corporations in your area and encourage them to use your facilities.

A Storage Center

Many people are looking for extra storage space. Furniture that is no longer in use and things that are only used seasonally are the main things people want to keep in storage. These just take up too much space in the home. Getting a place to keep them safely, away from the home, sounds perfect to homeowners. Starting a storage unit in your warehouse is a perfect solution. Your unit will have the advantage of being safer than those located outside.
Storage units are a perfect investment. Get a builder to divide the space into small secure units. Add security features like CCTV, sturdy locks, and a security guard to appeal to clients.

Lease to a Manufacturer

Many businesses do not have enough space to store the goods they produce. They need warehouse storage. Other companies will be looking for warehouse space for manufacturing purposes. Leasing to these businesses will prove profitable.

A good arrangement is one where the lease covers all the overhead costs. This means they will pay the water, electricity and other bills. Without stressing about these recurrent expenses, you can enjoy the return on your investment.

Leasing your warehouse is a good venture because once you get a client, it is long-term. A business will not keep moving in and out of a premise compared to individual clients. There are many sites to help you find an industrial warehouse for sale in Austin if you are in that area.

Sports Center or Gym

Sports enthusiasts will be happy to learn that a warehouse can become a sports center. You can have a well-equipped gym right there. With lots of space, it should be easy to set up a gym. You could even add a spa and beauty center as well.

A sports center with several games on offer is a good choice. Some good ideas include paintballing, bowling, and laser tag. If the ceilings are high, you can add a tennis or badminton court among other special sports playing areas.

You may start the sporting center on your own or rent the space to someone willing to do it.

Bottom Line

Do not leave your warehouse vacant for long. You should put it into use and generate income. With the above options to choose from, you will surely get a successful venture. Choose one that suits your skills, personality, and financial capability.

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