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8 Essential Safety Tips for Teen Drivers


It is exciting to finally get your driving license and head for that road trip you have been planning for forever. As much as you have completed your driving course, there are specific factors about driving that you must observe. The most common is to observe the speed limit and always fasten your seat belt. Keep reading to know more essential safety tips you may need to observe as a teenage driver.

8 Essential Safety Tips for Teen Drivers

1. Maintain a Safe Speed

Never break the speed limit. Always observe the speed limit and avoid careless overspeeding. Speed may cause fatal accidents or lead to you getting a ticket. Also, if you are using a motorcycle, you might need to be twice as careful if you are tempted to speed. Always use the fast lane when at high speed and observe the maximum speed limit.

If you are ever in an accident, it is essential that you report it immediately. You should also keep a copy of your records for insurance and liability purposes. For instance, if you are a resident of Florida, you can look up accident reports in Tampa to receive a copy of your report.

2. Fasten Your Seatbelt

Always fasten your seatbelt to ensure your safety. A seatbelt can save you in most accidents. Always buckle up when you are driving or when you are the passenger. Also, if you have children on board, ensure they are buckled up and should not be in the front seat.

3. Pay Full Attention to Road Signs

Read road signs and observe them always. Most accidents occur from not following road signs. You might want to drive within 5 miles per hour of the speed limit for all your trips and keep a safe distance from other vehicles. Also, make sure that you are allowed on certain roads by companies. For example, if you are driving in a residential area, ensure you observe simple signs like a zebra crossing or school signs.

4. Never Text While Driving

Never text while driving or while taking turns at high speeds lest you end up causing an accident. Texting can be enticing, but it is best to use earphones with a hands-free option to focus on what you are doing. If it is something excessively urgent, you can find a safe spot and park your car, then reply to the text. It is best to keep your smart device on “drive mode” so that you may not be distracted by incoming texts.

5. Observe Flashing or Warning Signs

At night always make sure that you observe any flashing or warning signs. These signs are meant to help drivers recognize any hazards and prevent an accident. Also, if the light is red and showing a hazard, do not enter this lane until it is cleared, or any signs that indicate that there may be an obstacle on your way.

6. Be Careful When Choosing or Switching Lanes

When changing lanes, always look to the left and right. Look at the other vehicles in front of and behind you. Also, always check your blind spots before switching lanes. If another car is coming towards you, do not change lanes as it may cause an accident.

Also, before you switch lanes, activate your signal for a few seconds. You want to communicate your intention to incoming traffic to allow you to change the lane. Do not be in a hurry. If you notice cars behind you are coming at high speeds, let the lane be clear before you enter.

7. Be Gentle on the Brakes

Unless it is an emergency, never break or steer abruptly on the road. You may end up causing a bad accident. Be sure to keep your eyes on the road and remain focused, as it will allow you to see the behavior of other drivers. For example, if a driver is switching lanes frequently, you may need to keep a safe distance. Also, if your mind is on the road, it will allow you to react more quickly and safely than when you are texting or talking on the phone. You may always avoid braking hard, but it should be for a good reason when it happens.

8. Hold the Steering Wheel Steady

Hold the steering wheel steady until you reach your destination, no matter how safe the road might seem. Keep both hands on the steering wheel so that it can be easy for you to control the vehicle in the case of an emergency. If you are driving with a single hand and make sudden turns or change lanes, you might fail to react swiftly and cause an accident.

Always maintain a safe distance from the car ahead of you. If the driver ahead of you is not driving fast, you do not need to rush. Always be patient if you drive in traffic or on highways, as there may be hidden obstructions. If you are using a single lane, ensure that you are at least two feet away from the car behind so that it will be easy to change lanes if necessary.


Think these tips through and always observe them while driving to ensure that your trip is smooth and safe. You do not want to land with a criminal record after your first driving experience.

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