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5 Easy Solutions to Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected


The outside furniture is equally as important as the furniture inside your home. Also, outside furniture gets exposed to direct sunlight, dust, rain, and snow. If you do not care for this furniture, it will not last much longer before you must buy new ones. The following five easy solutions will help you keep your outdoor furniture protected.

5 Easy Solutions To Keep Your Outdoor Furniture Protected

1. Cover the Furniture

If you do not plan to use your outside furniture for a while, it is best if you cover them. Covering the furniture will protect them from direct sunlight. Also, covering the furniture will help protect them from getting damaged if it’s raining or snowing. If you use a tarp to cover your outside furniture, you will not need to worry about their safety. The material is durable and can survive extreme weather.

2. Use Safe Cleaning Products for Deeper Cleans

When you clean your outdoor furniture, it is best to use safe cleaning products. These cleaning products are biodegradable and will not harm the environment. Regular cleaning supplies contain chemicals harmful to the environment and your family.

If you find that removing dirt from your outdoor furniture is hard, apply water to the cloth and rub the dirt off. This way, you will manage to clean the furniture without using harmful chemicals.

If your outside furniture has metal parts, you can use a small brush and some water to remove dirt. After you clean and dry the metal parts, apply a coat of wax and buffer to make them shine.

3. Buy Furniture That Is Made of Easy To Clean Finishes

Buy furniture that is made of materials with easy-to-clean finishes. You will not struggle to get rid of stubborn dirt, dust, and stains on the furniture. Also, you will not need to use any strong chemicals to clean the furniture. Easy to clean furniture will keep you from using excess energy when cleaning; hence, you won’t cause any damage. Take your time when shopping for outside furniture. You can talk to friends or professionals at the local store to get good recommendations.

4. Store the Furniture in a Closed Area During Extreme Weather

To keep your outside furniture from getting damaged by weather, store the furniture in a closed area. If you are nearing the winter or heavy rainfall season, it is best to remove the furniture from the open space. Sometimes, a storm could damage the furniture beyond repair. Despite your attempts to protect the furniture using covers or umbrella sheds, it will happen. Some situations are better avoided by storing the furniture in a garage or inside your house until it is safe.

5. Keep the Exterior Properly Maintained

Investing in wood furniture leads to maintenance that can be onerous if left unchecked. It would be best if you kept your outdoor furniture properly maintained to remain sturdy and durable. You can regularly check the table and chairs for cracks, loose screws, or peeling paint. It would be best if you also kept them clean by cleaning them regularly.

Other Possible Safety Tips

Choose Waterproof Furniture Material

When shopping for outdoor furniture, you should ensure that it is waterproof. The idea is to find something that can last longer. If the furniture has a waterproof finish, it will not get damaged by water, and the results will be permanent. Also, since it is water-resistant, you do not need to worry about moving them during the rainy season.

Focus on Temperature Fluctuations

When shopping for furniture, you must focus on the furniture’s resistance to temperature fluctuations. If you live in a cold area, you need to choose furniture resistant to temperature changes. For example, if a storm or heavy rainfall is coming, the furniture should be able to endure extreme temperatures. When it comes to wooden furniture, they should be able to resist water damage. The type of wood used should also be able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Keep Cushions and Pillows Inside

You need to store the cushions and pillows of the furniture when not in use. You can use a storage closet or place them inside your house. While buying furniture, make sure that you keep cushions and pillows inside the box until you are ready to use them. You will be keeping them safe from unnecessary damage, and dust.

The above solutions will help you keep your outdoor furniture protected to give it a longer lifespan.


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