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5 Important Features of Shared Hosting


Shared hosting is an important type of hosting that is used throughout the world. Many domain and hosting companies offer shared hosting. In this type of shared hosting, one server is shared by many websites. However, it has many benefits as well as drawbacks too. But for now, if you are going to but shared hosting, then here are some key features that you need to consider. It’s a technical task to choose a good one, but if you are a newbie, this article will be enough for you to choose the right hosting for you.

5 Important features of shared hosting

Features of shared hosting

Here are the most relevant features of shared hosting you need to consider while getting one for your website.

1. Storage Space

Disk space refers to the storage capacity of your website. All the database, media file and other things that your website contains are saved on this storage space. Hence, depending on your website you must choose enough disk space. Bandwidth is also an example, if you have more information to share with your audience then buy a wide bandwidth. Some hosting companies offer unlimited bandwidth but restrict traffic speed. This can adversely affect your website. Therefore, keenly observe the bandwidth and traffic features in shared hosting packages.

2. Customer Support

Customer support is a crucial feature for newbies. At any stage, you may face issues related to web development or any hosting management problems arise. In such a situation, an immediate customer support will be required. Therefore, always choose the hosting company which offers 25/7 quick customer support. For this purpose, you can read the reviews and information of the customers about the shared hosting.

3. Server and Uptime

Uptime is also another important feature of shared hosting. It means the online time duration of your website in which viewers can visit. Of course, you must find 24/7 uptime. But if you are a beginner and working with shared hosting, then 98% uptime is also enough. Many hosting companies may offer 100% uptime but will be fake. Hence, discuss with your friends or visit advisory forms and ask about the specific hosting company.

4. Security Plans

The security plan should be included in hosting plans offered by the hosting company. Because any tragedy may occur and you could lose all your data. To avoid such a situation, you should buy a hosting plan offering free SSL certificate, backup facility, email security, etc. Moreover, when many websites share the server, all sensitive prey for attackers. Hence, hosting should provide enough security to the customer.

5. Cost

As a beginner, cost also matters a lot. Shared hosting is a good choice at the start. But when you are developed in your business move towards dedicated hosting.


Shared hosting comes with various features and plans. Before choosing any shared hosting package for your website, always consider the above-mentioned features. However, some important features are not always included in shared hosting. For that purpose, you need to move towards dedicated or VPS hosting.

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