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SEO and Web Hosting What’s the Connection?


Every person does have a dream to be successful. This is completely logical to have more visitors on your own website and have more clients. The most important way to become a popular blogger/content provider is to get ranked in search engines especially Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Mostly several web technologies come along together and obtain this rank. This collective effort of being ranked is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). How does SEO work to get a website ranked? Let’s have a detailed look at it.

SEO and Web Hosting Whats the Connection

What is Search Engine Optimization?

After some key action, more popular and reliable search engines consider a specific website to show its users. Therefore, it redirects number traffic toward that website and helps to grow its rank as well. Furthermore, the quality services provided by a specific website, let converts these visitors into clients, and contacts.

Why is hosting important for SEO?

Web hosting is an important factor to rank any website. If you are willing to know about SEO working capacity, you should have sufficient knowledge about web hosting. The best quality web hosting will let you operate your website smoothly. It also helps for better SEO management and ranking of your site. In addition to web hosting, the domain name is also quite important. Whether you want to buy .pk domains or some other domain, it depends on your choice and requirements.

Effects of Web Hosting on SEO

Web hosting affects search engine optimization by following ways:

Server downtime

Server downtime can be called the 1st test of a web host. If the server downtime is affecting your website continuously, it shows this hosting as a waste/ non-reliable. It not only reduces the website’s performance but also affects SEO badly. Let’s talk practically, a search engine looks for specific content on your website but the server is down. This will result in not finding your site by the search engine, and the glitch will reduce the website’s ranking as well. Moreover, it will also increase the bounce rate of your site that directly influence’s domain authority. Therefore, always try to find a hosting server with 99.99% uptime.

Page Load Time

The 2nd test for a web host is page load time. If the website is slow and takes a higher time to load, this indicates the inefficiency of the hosting server. It is a universal truth if your site takes more than 2 seconds for loading the visitors will find a better alternative. Moreover, the higher the load time will have a higher bounce rate and less conversion rate. A good hosting server reduces the load time with the latest technologies to ensure higher traffic.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is never a good idea for SEO and higher traffic on your site. Shared hosting is considered a cheap service, but cheap things are considered as good. This hosting will have multiple sites, that will immediately affect the SEO and quality of the hosting server. Google never likes shared hosting websites, and consider it unethical. Any inappropriate site a shared hosting will also damage your website’s ranking and authority. The security of such a web host is not good and may result in website loss.

Local Host for Local Audience, and Geo-Targeting in Search Console Tool

These two are also important factors for SEO. The server location plays a dominant role to provide web traffic. Local servers can redirect traffic quickly and result in faster response for your audience. Geo-targeting is an extraordinary feature for the Google search engine. This helps in targeting the most suitable audience globally regardless of your server location. Local Domains such as domains pk grab local audiences effectively.

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