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5 Replacements That Will Improve Your Home Value


If you are thinking about upgrading, adding, or even replacing elements of your home this year, begin by consulting our helpful list below. We’ve outlined a number of affordable, accessible home improvements that will enhance your quality of life AND increase the bottom dollar value of your property.

5 Replacements That Will Improve Your Home Value

1. Upgrade Your HVAC

Chances are, it has been a while since you addressed the hoses, ducts and AC system that keeps your home thermostat running smoothly. Don’t let the fact that everything works now lull you into complacency. The last thing you want is to be on a waiting list in the middle of July just to get an appointment with your HVAC specialist. Be proactive when it comes to keeping your home, your family and all your possessions cool, 365 days a year. Make sure your HVAC system is up-to-date by having a technician come and review your home before something goes amiss.

2. Improve Exterior Security

With the availability of affordable, powerful and durable surveillance equipment in today’s marketplace, it’s foolish not to give your castle a safer feel. Get rid of that outdated security system you may still have, and get current. You do not need to be an electrician to install cameras in strategic locations. Many of the systems now are simple “plug and play.”

Start by purchasing the number of cameras you need to get a good vantage point of your home’s exterior. Most people feel comfortable starting with a camera on each main house entrance, as well as one at the property’s drive entrance. These days, the camera’s motion sensors will send you an alert if anyone is poking around while you’re not home, and you’re able to access all the footage via your smartphone or tablet. Therefore you can feel safer both on and off the property. How slick is that?

3. Install New Garage Doors

When you pull into a driveway, the very first thing you see is the garage doors, and it can be a telling sign about the rest of the house. If it’s ill-fitting, dysfunctional, or shoddy in general, people are going to notice! Those doors don’t last forever, and it’s likely that your home is ready for something better. Consider upgrading your garage space by opting for a new garage door installation package. You can be sure the color and style is right up your alley, and you won’t have to worry about an old or outdated system. You’ll be amazed and impressed by the difference in your house’s exterior.

4. Treat Yourself To New Windows

This upgrade is a double winner! Windows get older, more outdated and more difficult to open and shut with every passing year. This can be a pain to deal with, but also do not underestimate the amount of lost energy that is happening simultaneously. Replacing your windows may seem like a large, out-of-pocket expense, but what many homeowners do not realize is that their electricity bill will immediately shift as well. By keeping the heat and cool air inside your house, you will have to use less energy. Therefore, you are saving every month. Consider this upgrade a useful investment in your home!

5. Invest in Solar Technology

Before you consider going solar, remember that this does not have to be an “all-or-nothing” solution. By adding panels to your sunniest locales, you can supplement your energy savings. Every small purchase in the way of solar panels can slowly (or drastically!) reduce your monthly bills. A lot of areas also offer tax breaks on solar energy costs, so a lot of the expenses can be written off. Plus, there are already many states that are requiring solar energy in new construction, so this is a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon. Begin to familiarize yourself with solar technology, and you will learn the many benefits of heading “off the grid.”

Final Thoughts On Home Improvements

As you can see, improving the aesthetics of your home – or even fully replacing the semi-functional parts – keeps everything up-to-date. Keeping everything shipshape will also maximize your house’s value. And isn’t that considered a win-win?

Not only do you make the place you love more comfortable and convenient, you are making investments that will pay off when it’s time to sell. Consider tackling one or more of these doable projects for your home. You won’t be disappointed!

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