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7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone


“Does an Android phone need an antivirus?” is still a debatable question. Many people comment that Android inbuilt security features are strong which means Android phones barely get any viruses. That’s true, the chances of getting a virus infection in an Android phone are less. But the main threat is not the virus. The most dangerous threat to any device is the internet. If you don’t want to use the internet on an Android phone then you should not buy it. If you use the internet on an Android phone; you will require better protection features. Many antivirus programs have various advanced tools that are specially designed for mobile phone purposes. So, if you want to use your Android in a safe environment then installing good antivirus is necessary.

7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android Phone

Top 7 antivirus programs for Android:

Norton Security

For many people, antivirus means Norton. Norton is always considered as the best security software for PCs. But if we talk about Android devices; Norton has various special features for mobile phone security. People install various apps on their phone such as gaming apps, study material, dating apps, social networking apps. But some apps can be dangerous and steal your data. People install the apps before checking it. But Norton’s privacy advisor tool checks all the apps for you. Whenever you try to install any application on your phone; this tool checks whether the app is secure or not. If the app is not secured then Norton will alert you immediately. If you want good device security then install Norton and do not forget Norton subscription. You should always renew your antivirus timely so you don’t have to face any problems.

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McAfee antivirus

If you want good security software for your phone without sending money then McAfee mobile security is the best choice for you. The freeware of McAfee provides all basic features like security scan, safe Wi-Fi, privacy check, battery booster, anti-theft, storage cleaner, etc. If you want more secured features like phone support, media backup, secure app lock, guest mode, safe web, etc then you can purchase McAfee Antivirus standard or plus plans.


Bitdefender antivirus is especially known for Android security. The top features of Bitdefender antivirus for Android are web protection, WearOn, autopilot, VPN, app lock, account privacy. The best feature of Bitdefender antivirus for phones is anti-theft. As you know, Android devices can easily get lost or stolen. But if you have anti-theft features then you can easily track down the location of your phone. If the phone is nearby then you can also set an alarm in full volume so you can easily find it.

Kaspersky Internet security

Kaspersky antivirus is also a better choice for Android security. Kaspersky ensures that your device is fully protected from all spyware and other monitoring malware. Kaspersky has an app advisor tool that alerts you and protects you from all malicious applications. Kaspersky uses machine learning to tackle viruses. If you want an antivirus that provides overall security then you can go for Kaspersky antivirus.

Sophos antivirus

Sophos antivirus is one of the best free antivirus programs for Android phones. The malware protection of Sophos antivirus is the best. Sophos antivirus is free but fully ads-free. Another attractive feature of Sophos antivirus is that you can block all the unwanted calls. You can also lock all the apps with a password to ensure that no one checks personal apps without your concern. The only drawback of using Sophos is that it has more system impact on your device and drains more battery.

Malwarebytes anti-malware

Malwarebytes antivirus provides real-time protection for Android devices which means your search is fully secure. If you have Malwarebytes on your phone then your apps are fully protected. This antivirus also conducts privacy audits which means Malwarebytes prevents your phone from tracking threats.

Avast Mobile Security

If we talk about freeware for Android devices then Avast is a name suggested by many people. Avast has a real-time and on-demand scanning feature which can help to keep your phone malware-free. The secure Wi-Fi feature of Avast mobile antivirus scans your Wi-Fi and then tells you immediately whether your network source is secured or not. Avast antivirus also has RAM boost, cleaner, call blocker. This antivirus is best for preventing phishing attacks. The freeware of Android has ads. If you want an ads-free plan then you can switch to a paid plan where you will also get advanced tools like VPN and firewall.

Using a good security antivirus is necessary as your phone is connected to the cloud. If a cybercriminal hacks your phone then he can access your cloud and then you may get into real issues. There are some more antivirus programs like AVG security, Webroot, ESET mobile security, etc for Android phones.

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