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Best 30th Birthday Gifts for Your Loved Ones


Birthdays are special, whether it’s a milestone birthday year like 5th, 13th, 18th or 21st, or any other birthday like 6th, 11th, 15th, 30th, 71st, etc. Also, irrespective of how old a person is, birthdays should never be treated like any normal random day, birthdays should always be special. So whether your little sister is turning 13 or whether your father is turning 55 or your grandmother is turning 86, all of these birthdays should be celebrated with love, joy and excitement by all the near and dear ones.

Best 30th birthday gifts for your loved ones

Do you know any loved one who is entering his or her 30’s anytime soon? Maybe a friend, a relative, a colleague or a loved neighbour? Well, in case you do and if you are stressing about what to give him or her as the 30th birthday present, you can relax cause we are here to help you out.

We realise it’s not the easiest thing to choose a birthday gift for somebody who is turning 30, after all, you can’t just randomly walk into a store and ask for a suitable gift for a 30-year-old, isn’t it? So, we have made a list of all the possible gifts that you can choose from for a loved one who is turning 30:

● Leather wallet/ clutch

A leather wallet or clutch is one of the classiest gifts you can think of for somebody who is entering his or her 30’s. It is believed that the 30’s is a time when a boy becomes a man and a girl becomes a lady, therefore choosing a gift as classy and useful as a leather wallet is extremely thoughtful on your part and will be well appreciated.

● Birthstone necklace/ bracelet

Every person has a birthstone, whether they know about it or not. Therefore a very thoughtful gift would be a piece of jewellery, mostly either a necklace, pendant or a bracelet, with his or her birthstone in it. If you know for sure that the recipient is especially fond of a bracelet or maybe a neckpiece, it makes your choice easier as well to choose the form of jewellery.

If this person who is turning 30 soon is a very close one, say for example your wife or your sister, you can even choose to spend a little extra on the gift and thus along with the birthstone you can even add some pieces of diamond maybe to make it extra special. You can also make it a personalised necklace by adding their name or birth date to it.

● A HUGE glass/ mug

30’s is definitely a very stressful time, both professional life, as well as personal life, becomes difficult. Now not only will they have the pressure of doing outstandingly in their job or business and earn a lot of money to save for the future but will also be under the pressure of starting a family and settling down, which means taking more and more responsibility every single day from now onwards. No more wasted Saturday nights at some club and Sunday hangover brunch with friends.

Therefore, he or she needs a HUGE glass of wine or his or her favourite cocktail, maybe a mojito or cosmopolitan, or a HUGE mug of beer or coffee, to deal with his or her life once in a while. Agree? Turning 30 shouldn’t have to be a bad thing, so you, as a dear one, should take the responsibility of reminding him or her about this and the best way to do so would be by choosing this gift for the birthday boy/girl.

● A personalised whiskey/wine/champagne glass set or beer mug set

Whether they drink or they don’t, everybody appreciates personalised gift and especially if it’s something as classy and beautiful as a personalised whiskey/wine/champagne glass set or personalised beer mug set. Even if they don’t drink, they always use it as a decor item in their house.

● A jar full of reasons as to why you love him or her or why you think he/she is awesome

Remember how Joey (FRIENDS) cried when he turned 30? Or how Rachel felt when she turned 30? Chances are, your loved one might be feeling the same way about turning thirty. He or she might be feeling old and therefore unhappy about it, after all, nobody wants to leave their 20’s behind, right? So, take this opportunity to remind your loved one how much you love him or her by filling up a jar with small pieces of paper and each of these papers should contain a reason. For example, one paper can have a reason like “Because you know how to always make me smile!”

If you don’t want to fill up a full jar, you can even make a card which says “30 reasons as to why I love you” or “30 reasons why I think you are awesome” and write down the reasons. This is definitely a very special and thoughtful gift!

● A personalised unique flask

If this person drinks, or even if he or she doesn’t, a personalised flask is definitely a very nice gift that you can choose to give as it’s always going to be considered as a prized possession. Anybody would love to have this in his or her collection, it’s a really classy gift.

● A super cool decanter

Like a personalised flask, a super cool decanter too will be considered as a prized possession, even if he or he does not drink. This can always be used as a home decor item.

● A beautiful fresh flower bouquet

Whether you are very close to the person or you are not, you can never go wrong with this gift. Flowers are perfect for all occasions and for all age groups and every gender. Therefore, if you want to send flowers to India, you can choose a beautiful premium flower bouquet online on Bloomsvilla and have it delivered in any Indian city at any time you want. You can send flowers to Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and basically to every city in India by ordering on Bloomsvilla. Beautiful fresh flowers are now just a click away and are waiting to brighten up your loved one’s day!

● A handwritten letter

Nothing conveys love better than a handwritten letter. Sit down with a blank sheet and fill it up with words straight from your heart, tell him or her how amazing he or she is and how much you love this person. To make it even more special, you can also send flowers along with the letter. Send flowers to mumbai or anywhere in India without any hassle by just ordering flowers online on Bloomsvilla.

● A skincare basket

13 or 30, every person of every age group and every gender needs to take care of his or her skin. Therefore, a very thoughtful gift would be a skincare basket which consists of essential skincare products like face wash, face serum, face & body scrub, face masks, face packs, body lotion, lip balm, etc. For a man, you can also add items like shaving cream, aftershave lotion, face razor, etc.

● Shopping card/ voucher

If you at all don’t know what would be most appreciated by this person or if you don’t have the time at all to select a gift, a safe option would be a gift card or gift voucher. This way, he or she can choose whatever he or she needs or wants and you won’t end up giving something that won’t be useful or that won’t be appreciated. This is a pretty good gift for a grown-up, to be honest.

Whatever you choose to give, make sure you spend some thoughts behind it too and not just money. Happy gifting!

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