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7 Most Popular Eyelash Extension Styles You Must Try


Looking to break out of the same old beauty routine and supercharge your style? Then, eyelash extensions may be exactly what you need! This beauty treatment provides countless opportunities for creating standout styles that help you become the best version of yourself. You would even want to become a lash technician yourself after seeing beautiful transformations!

But with the world of lash extensions accessible at your fingertips, deciding which style is perfect for you can be difficult. Don’t fret. We got you covered! This blog post has rounded up seven popular eyelash extension styles that deserve attention.

Read on as we share our thoughts on these fabulous trends, plus tons of helpful tips to get the best outcomes!

The 7 Best Eyelash Extension Styles You Must Consider

Want to make an everyday style statement? Or perhaps add a little drama to your look? Either way, eyelash extensions would be ideal. It’s not only glamorous but also genuinely fun! Just think: with eyelash extensions, you can flaunt a style that adds glitz and glamor—without ever needing to apply mascara!

Lash styles have now become quite the creative outlet for beauty fanatics. With the different kinds of lash curls and lengths available, they can opt for subtle looks or dramatic styles that emphasize their eye features.

Looking for some inspiration? Here’s the lowdown on the best seven styles that you must consider:

1) Natural or Open Eye Lashes

Are you in need of an eyelash extension style without looking over the top? Natural lash styling has it all!

This well-known lash style combines shorter lashes for the inner and outer sections and mixed lengths and curls in between to create a natural-looking, open eye look. It’s almost like you get the best of both worlds—long enough to make a statement yet subtle enough that nobody will ask if you’ve gone for extensions. And the best part? It’s great for all eye shapes!

2) Dolly Lashes

This style places the longest length at the middle and decreasing lengths cascading symmetrically towards the inner and outer corners of the eye.

The dolly eye is the perfect pick for creating an enchanting image, resembling pretty dolls. The middle part frames the eye and makes it appear rounder, while also narrowing the distance between the left and right eyes.

3) Butterfly Lashes

One thing is certain these days—someone wants a lash style that opens their eyes and emphasizes their natural shape. And it’s possible! A lash look focusing on maximum volume with outward curling lashes may be just what you need to bring out your charm.

Butterfly style uses strategically arranged lengths for a sophisticated but never overdone impression. With this style, the longest extensions go at the point of the arch of your eyebrow, followed by shorter lengths at the outer corner.

4) Cat-Eye Lashes

Are you looking for a smoky, irresistible look that resembles a sharp eyeliner wing? The classic cat eye is the key. One of the reasons it looks so sultry is because of the longest extensions at the corners of your eyes to give off that winged effect.

Lash artists do this by placing the longest lash on the outer corners, followed by decreasing lengths down to the inner corners. But take note: you need to have a strong and thick natural lash game at your corners to carry the weight of the longest lashes.

5) Wispy Lashes

Wispy eyelash extensions offer a modern way to highlight your features. This signature look features wide and short fans as a strong base and narrower ones on top for an eye-catching, fluttery effect.

These lengthy lashes make your eyes appear like a butterfly wing. This style was popularized even more by celebrities like Kim Kardashian! So do you want to be in on the trend?

6) Wet Lashes

Get bold, push the boundaries, and break out of your routine with the wet lash style. It requires several narrow fans applied instead of wide-volume fans. This look creates an illusion that your lashes are freshly washed and sticking together in sections.

As these fans easily weigh down natural lashes, only those with strong natural lashes can pull off the wet lash style. The key further lies in mixing short and long fans across the eyes for perfect dips in length all throughout. This creates an enhanced yet sultry look.

7) M/L Curl Eyeliner Lashes

This eyelash extension style is remarkable for its subtle intensity. It provides an even and effortless look with a hint of long natural lashes, making it the perfect go-to style for special night outs.

To achieve the long, sharp, upturned eyeliner effect, the lash stylist can carefully blend basic curls with the outwardly facing M curl. This will create a transition zone that avoids an unwanted “staircase” appearance. You’ll surely get your daily dose of girl power when sporting this style!

Unleash Beauty Potential with Eyelash Extensions

If you’re looking to give your eyelashes the royal treatment, no style is off-limits these days! With so many interesting styles and looks, you’re bound to discover one that’s just right for you.

However, it’s still important to ask your lash technician to recommend options based on the shape of your eyes and face. And, of course, all this effort will be in vain if you don’t know how to take care of your lashes.

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