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Fashion Tips That Are Trendy & Comfortable for Women


Whether we see it on the runways each season or watch it unfold in street style, fashion trends intrigue most of us. While there are many gorgeous clothing options available, for a lot of women, the garment has to fit right and feel comfortable. If you are tired of super tight, clingy pieces where movement is difficult, hold on. Our style experts believe that you will enjoy what women are wearing this spring and summer.

Fashion Tips That Are Trendy & Comfortable for Women

50 Shades Of Pink

Let’s face it. The color pink is flattering to every skin tone on the planet, and it exudes femininity. From pale pink to bubblegum and fuchsia, the shades are trending and appearing in fabrics like silk, on pants, in tweeds and on accessories. A little pink adds warmth and friendliness to the wardrobe.

Super Statement Sleeves

Here’s another interesting trend that is also comfy, a sleeve that pops and offers volume. Statement sleeves are bold this season and can add amazing, visual interest to a top. Balloon sleeves and bell sleeves are having their fashion moment, and there is nothing constricting about their bold, voluminous design. Vogue.com calls it the puff sleeve, and it’s been a growing trend since 2018 and continues to “pump up the volume” in 2021. If you desire that romantic, timeless edge, a statement sleeve is your answer.

The Shacket Invasion

If you’re not sure what a shacket is, that’s okay. Stylists describe the fun trend as a cross between a shirt and a jacket. This garment creates lovely layering effects for many ensembles. The shacket is lighter than a jacket and a bit thicker than a shirt and worn unbuttoned. Wear one over a tee-shirt or tank top, or even layer one over a thin sweater. The item is ideal for cool-ish days but could also be worn under a heavier coat when the temperatures dip. Think of it as a year-round layering piece that comes in a variety of fabrics.

Fab Flat Platforms

Fashion-forward footwear is another style aspect that is gaining traction so to speak. Say hello to the flatform. That’s right. It’s the heel of the moment! You can’t miss them, either. Flatforms are best described as stacked platform heels that have an even rise from the back to the front. This footwear has been on the runways from NYC to Milan designed in animal prints, raffia, cork and wood. You’re getting the ideal blend of style and comfort in a shoe or sandal.

The Relaxed Silhouette

Nothing says comfort quite like a wide and looser cut, and the trend is headed that way for tops and dresses. There are just so many tightly-made outfits you can wear that look and feel good on. Many women desire a relaxed silhouette with looser garments such as pretty pieces from Zach and Rachel Clothing. Fashion forecasters say that boxy blouses, oversized sweaters and flowy dresses are taking over. In addition, the oversized v-neck sweater is another sharp choice to consider. It’s light, cozy and looks great over anything. Also, don’t ignore the relaxing refinement of wide-leg and roomy trousers. These are hot, too, and allow you to break out of that old, familiar cycle of sweatpants and leggings.

Lovely Loungewear Sets

The comfy trend was emerging in 2020, and now, many women are embracing this effortless style, especially in loungewear sets. You have a lot of nice options in the chic look and all kinds of textures to choose from. There are loose-fitting jumpsuits, rompers, tops and bottoms to consider that offer all-day comfort. Try a loungewear set in cashmere or a soft cotton stretch knit. You can get cozy on the couch or head out to run some errands. Sometimes, you just don’t want to put on a serious outfit, right? Light, knitted loungewear sets are the trendy alternative.


If your closet could use a bit of fashion forwardness, you’re not alone. You don’t have to bust your fashionista budget each season, either. Our list of trendy and comfortable outfits gives you gorgeous garment pieces for both casual and dressy events. While form-fitting clothing has its place in your wardrobe, you can’t beat the luxe look of relaxed refinement.


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