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7 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Guest


A successful relationship is all about falling for the same person repeatedly. Once you establish that endless bond, there’s no going back. Almost every couple wants their wedding to be a memorable one. From an attractive venue to theme parties, marriages are all about never-ending fun. However, you must remember that the beginning of your wedding is from the invitation itself. If you want the guests to be excited while opening up your invitation, you must choose the best one. Uniqueness behind the wedding invitation brings out thrill in the receiver’s mind. That way, they are likely to acknowledge and make a commendable view regarding your marriage.

7 Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas For Your Guest

Keep reading to know the jaw-dropping wedding invitations ideas that will surely surprise the guests.

Wedding Invitations For Travel Enthusiasts

If you’re fond of traveling and wanderlust, then you’d like the travel themed invitations. What could be better than denoting your interests through your wedding card? Grab the opportunity and choose the travel-inspired card that describes your exploration goals in a witty manner. Card highlights the places covered together by the couple, along with the memories related to it. You can also choose the cards featuring world maps with your favorite places, especially highlighted. Passport style invitations are also quite popular amongst travelers. Lastly, fetch the two countries’ invitation and feature the countries you both belong to.

List down your choices and choose the right invitation design accordingly with full dedication.

Let The Invitation Illustrate The Venue

Wedding invitations are the easiest way to describe multiple things without writing or speaking. One of the things that you might denote using the invitation design is the venue of your big day. If you’re thinking of getting married in the woods, choose a similar wedding card. Wooden frames, tree-shaped cut-outs, and 3D wooden patterns work well to accomplish this task. For an autumn wedding, get the one with maple leaves and sunny hue all over the card. Illustrate the invitation by selecting a few basic things resembling the venue. You may denote the minute wedding details via versatile designs and creative patterns. Not only does it provide information regarding the marriage, but it also maintains the creativity of the invitation.

Invitations With Attractive Couple Portraits

When it comes to selecting ecstatic wedding invitation designs, portrait ones often top the list. Personalized wedding invitations are the latest trend and thrill every guest. Let your portrait be the center of the card’s attention. All the texts and wordings hover around the sketch of both the couple. Some people also include the venue’s sketch along with their own. All you need to do is get a portrait made by some experts and provide the same to the invitation designer. For all the couples who don’t want their card to be a vintage one, there are colored portrait options available. Play around with either monochrome or multiple colors for the portrait invitations.

Feature Your Best Photos In The Card

Images and more than just good memories and attractive background. You might use the best shots till now in the photo invitations card. Sit back and choose the most authentic, clear, and aesthetic pictures available in the gallery. Further, make good use of these images and feature them in your wedding card. You can also include the pictures of your engagement in the invitation. Recreate the memories and let every relative experience the nostalgia through the pictures. What’s even better is that you can use the pre-wedding photo shoot as well. Make the guests remember your invitation by choosing this unique photo concept. In case you have ample of good pictures, compile them in the form of collage.

Invitation Details Through Moving Compass

Another unique idea is to use a moving compass for narrating all the crucial information. Versatile calligraphies are too mainstream when it comes to describing the details. You can easily stand out amongst the rest with the compass theme card. Just pen down all the information that you wish to convey to the guests. Further, ask the designer to create an attractive compass and use the same to denote every detail. As the receiver moves the compass, they will be able to read the information. You can modify the card further by using versatile colors and unique wordings. Let the card be an epitome of creativity and aesthetics.

Spread Festive Vibes Via The Invitation

Fetch the unique card designs featuring chalkboard styles, colorful aesthetics, and hand-drawn writings. Let the festivities roll with the versatile card patterns and unique designs. If the wedding lies in the winters, then fetch the Christmas theme cards with snow, bells and Santa Claus. Make sure to use winter colors like shades of blue and white. You can also finalize the winter theme for the wedding. That way, everything at the wedding venue has to adhere to the theme. In case the spring is around the corner, you might think of an easter-theme card.

Invite With Personalized Dangle Boxes

Use the round pieces of paper and attractive calligraphy to announce the news of your big day. Dangle boxes are one of the unique wedding invitation ideas. Not only does it reflect authenticity, but it also appears to be thrilling to the receiver. It includes round paper cuts with wedding details and a sturdy box. You can also get your pictures printed at the back of the round paper pieces. Personalized dangle boxes are also available and are unique. Your wedding invitation speaks for the hard-work and denotes the standard of your marriage.

Bottom Line

Everybody wishes to select the wedding invitation, which is both creative as well as out of the box. However, most people settle with mundane designs and mainstream hues. Look out for the cards that resemble your wedding venue or the festivities. You can also get a personalized card with your best pictures and memories. Other wedding invitations include huge dangle boxes and photo collages. Sit back with your partner and design your wedding card. Also, don’t forget to keep the unique patterns and ideas in mind.


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