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Wedding Checklist: How to Prepare for the Big Day


When planning a wedding, there’s no shortage of things that need to be organized and checked off. The stress can become overwhelming with so much to do in such a short period. Thankfully, with some forethought and organization, you can manage the process and avoid unnecessary anxiety and panic. The key to an enjoyable wedding-planning process is preparation. When you have a plan of action for every potential wedding-day challenge, you won’t be caught off guard when speaking with vendors or determining which tasks must be completed before the big day arrives. Here, we will go through a few essential tasks you should complete before your big day.

Wedding Checklist - How to Prepare for the Big Day

1. Choose Bridal Party Attire and Accessories

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids’ attire is a big task, and you want to make sure that you choose something that will look good on all your friends. Take some time to go through your options and experiment until you find the look you like best. You can also ask your bridesmaids to come with you when shopping for dresses to see what styles will look good on them. Many brides choose unique men’s wedding bands to wear on the big day. Choose one that matches your wedding theme, and also make sure to pick a matching one for your groom.

2. Create a Guest List

When creating a guest list for your wedding, you want to include everyone who has an essential role in making the day special. Your guests should include members of your bridal party and any close family members who may be in attendance on the big day. You should also consider including close friends who have supported you throughout the planning process or members of the community who have positively impacted your life, like teachers or coaches, who may also be in attendance at your wedding. In addition, if any celebrities are attending the wedding, ensure they are included on the guest list so they can be properly recognized during the ceremony and reception. You should also add any vendors you may need to help with the big day, such as photographers or a florist.

3. Reserve Ceremony and Reception Venues

You may have chosen an outdoor venue for your wedding, but if this is not the case, you will still need to reserve a place for the ceremony and reception. You may also want to reserve a few locations for your ceremony and reception to choose which location is most convenient for you. You should also consider reserving any special areas used during the reception, such as a designated dance floor. Reserving a venue can be quite time-consuming, so it is best to contact the venue directly to schedule an appointment with an event planner or representative so that they can help you plan your day.

4. Create Wedding Invitations

If you have not yet purchased invitations, it is time to start doing so. You should start by creating your wedding invitation suite and send them out for printing. It is also a good idea to order your invitations as soon as possible so that you can receive them before the end of the year to help ensure that they arrive in time for your wedding. If you are getting married outside of the traditional wedding season, it is best to order your invitations early in the year so they will be delivered by early spring. If you do not want to wait until the last minute, creating your invitations and ordering them online at a print shop or stationery store is best.

5. Plan Your Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an essential part of the planning process. It is a good idea to plan out some of the event details so you can include them in your budget. You will also want to ensure that the guests who attend your rehearsal dinner can enjoy themselves and have a great time at the event, which will help them feel comfortable and relaxed at your wedding.


By following these five steps, you will be well on your way to planning a wonderful wedding. You will not only be able to create beautiful memories for yourself and your guests, but you will also be able to save money and avoid unnecessary stress. Also, remember that it is always a good idea to create a backup plan in case something unexpected happens.


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