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8 Features Your Medical Insurance Should Include During COVID-19


An unanticipated turn of events in the year 2020 has emphasized that health insurance is necessary and not a luxury. To deal with Coronavirus, insurance companies are offering Coronavirus health insurance. But don’t wait for an emergency to protect yourself. It is wise to prepare against all uncertainties of life beforehand. Buying medical insurance is a step towards a secure future.

8 Features Your Medical Insurance Should Include During COVID-19

Before you purchase a policy, you should ensure that it includes the following features:

1. Cover for Pre-existing Diseases

When you plan to buy a medical insurance policy, you should consider if it covers pre-existing diseases and the waiting period that is being offered. Most health insurance providers have a waiting period of two to four years for pre-existing diseases. You should research and choose a plan with a shorter waiting period and which covers more pre-existing conditions.

2. Cover for Pre & Post Hospitalization Expenses

Choose a medical insurance plan that offers cover for pre and post-hospitalization expenses. All schemes have covers which differ in terms of the number of days. Pre-hospitalization is usually counted for thirty days before hospitalization, and post-hospitalization accounts for sixty days after hospitalization. It will always be beneficial to opt for a plan that offers the maximum number of days for this cover.

3. Co-Payment Feature

Co-payment is an essential feature, which means mutual payment where the insurance provider and you will share the total claim amount. The percentage to be shared gets decided earlier. With this process, you can reduce your premium. However, it is vital to see if you can pay your part even during the costly treatments. Hence, before you buy medical insurance with this feature, you should know about availing this option.

4. Network Hospitals

Medical insurance policies with this feature enable you to avail of cashless hospitalization facility during emergencies. The network hospitals are panel hospitals where you do not have to pay the bills or file for treatment reimbursement. All medical costs are settled directly between the insurance company and the hospital. It would help if you considered plans with multiple network hospitals in your vicinity that can be approached easily.

5. Cover for Room Rent

During hospitalization, you will have to bear a predefined room rent. If it is a severe injury, you might require the ICU, which will add to your expenses. Hence, before buying medical insurance, look for a policy that will cover room rent charges.

6. Online Policy Renewal

Some health insurance companies have the provision of online policy renewal. If your policy year is completed, you can renew it with a simple click on the screen. Visit the insurer’s website and fill in the required details.

7. Grace Period

This feature is the gift of time. It is offered by some insurance providers when there is a situation of expiry of the policy. If you find yourself in the same condition, you can use this time to pay the premium to the insurance provider to keep the plan valid. And, also to retain claim benefits. Usually, the grace period offered is about 15 days.

8. Policy Portability Feature

You should opt for a medical insurance plan that allows you to upgrade your health policy or switch to another insurance provider without hindrances. And it also lets you retain the benefits of your current plan and then avail the portability feature. Generally, insurance companies allow you to port the plan only at the time of policy renewal.

Look for the most feasible medical insurance plan before you purchase one. Understanding the features listed above will give you a fair idea of what you are looking for in a plan. If you get perplexed with the numerous options available, opt for reliable insurers like Tata AIG. They have comprehensive medical insurance plans and ensure that you do not face trouble during the buying process with their excellent customer service.

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