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8 Tips for Designing a Kitchen You Will Definitely Love


Do you want to design a beautiful and modern kitchen? You have reached the right place!

Today, in this article, we are going to explain the 8 best tips for designing a beautiful kitchen. Trust us, knowing those tips you will definitely fall in love with your kitchen. As you host a variety of tasks in your kitchen, it’s vital you manage everything here precisely. So, along with just cooking, you can enjoy being standing here for long hours of meal preparation.

8 Tips for Designing a Kitchen You Will Definitely Love

What’s more? To beautify your home’s look, the kitchen makes a great impression and if it is not designed with the best interior design, then it can leave a bad impression on your guests. If your kitchen is designed already but with the old fashioned interior, then it’s time to renovate it! You should hire the best kitchen builders in Melbourne and renovate it accordingly!

Without wasting much of your valuable time, let’s discuss the 8 designing tips that can make your kitchen the most beautiful area of your home.

List of 8 kitchen designing tips are as following

1. Design broad walkways

The first and foremost designing tip that can add a charm to your kitchen is designing broader walkaways. Make sure you choose a design that can include sufficient space between rooms and the kitchen to move easily. In general, make a layout that is at least 36 inches wide. Also, make sure the hallways within the cooking region should be around 40-42 inches extended for a one-cook kitchen and approximately 48 inches broad for a two-cook arrangement. When designing a moderate kitchen, hire the best builders on the highest priority as well.

2. Make free corners

Another important tip is paying close attention to the corners when determining where to design cabinetry and space for 0ther useful appliances. If you want to make cabinet doors fully functional, then make sure you plan a spacious area for the quick door’s clearance and swing direction. Also, be in mind you keep appliances away from corners and make them free to won’t intersect into each other.

3. Design the countertops wisely

Think through your meal preparation needs thoroughly to help you design the countertop accordingly. The leading chefs require more counter space than those who prepare infrequently or the ones who cook simple meals. However, if you have cooking dreams like the leading chefs, thus ensure you design the countertops accordingly. Incorporating 2 different countertop sections can make cooking quite easier and help you cook amazingly.

4. Design a special space for essentials

Design to keep vital cooking essentials in the area right around the range. Make a shelf alongside to keep useful cooking utensils and accessories such as oils, flour, rice, and spices, etc. Also, it is advisable to design a separate space for keeping big utensils such as pressure cookers, pots, and pans. It will help you access all the required things easily and conveniently.

5. Be smart while designed space for knives

Another handy tip that you must implement while designing a modern and elegant kitchen is designing a separate space for hanging the knives. Hanging knives in the wrong place can lead to harm, especially when you have kids in your home, you must take care of such things properly. The best way to keep knives is to hang them on a magnetic layer mounted to the backsplash. You can also set it above the range of countertop you usually use for chopping ingredients. By doing so, you can reduce the risk of danger and make your kitchen look modern and organized.

6. Install electric outlets smartly

As you know a kitchen includes an abundance of electrical outlets in different sections where you use a toaster, microwave oven, hand blender, coffee pot, and other appliances, make sure you install them gently. Prefer installing multiple outlets along with the backsplash so you’ll have an electricity connection wherever whenever you require it. For extra customization, you can prefer outfitting an additional drawer with different electrical outlets and a number of USB ports to connect more portable devices.

7. Double up kitchen essentials

If you have a large family where you cook for several family members, then a small and tight kitchen area can trouble you a lot. Therefore, it is advisable to design the area broad and keep a handy appliance for each of the equipment already there. For example, you can have one more microwave oven and a small refrigerator positioned at the edge of the busy kitchen work center, so you can divide your workload. For an enhanced look, you can also add a snack bar with tables and chairs for an after-school place for your kids.

8. Focus on easy recycling

Last but not least. Focus on easy recycling emerges out the most important tip that you must implement for a unique and beautiful looking kitchen. Design special localities for waste and recycling to make waste dumping as easy as possible. Furnish a closet with separate closets for plates, glass, plastic, liquid meals, and other materialistic things. In addition to it, you can also design a spare drawer to keep old newspapers for a hygienic recycle.


So, are you ready to implement these designing tips? Let us know whether you liked the tips or not!

Hopefully you liked them a lot! These are not just tips, these are the recommendations from the leading home owners & home builders in Melbourne who have designed the kitchens accordingly and have found success.

If you are too keen in designing your kitchen to give it complete makeover, then its peak time to get through the best tips.

We hope you consider these tips thoroughly and have a modern, elegant, and beautiful kitchen design!

If you have any opinions or suggestions, then do let us know. However, you can ask us if you want more such tips.

Thanks for reading!


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