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8 Tips to Save Money Faster for House Deposit


Saving money for a house deposit is an ordeal that takes years of making provisions and saving money. For the majority of young adults, it can be tiring to keep the temptations in control for a long holiday in an exotic country. But you can make it easy and fast enough with proper planning from the beginning. Take care of your debt repayment while trying to keep with the plan.

8 Tips to Save Money Faster for House Deposit

The interest in a mortgage is significantly high when you apply for loans with CCJ or other defaults in your credit history. And to save money, we have you covered with these tips.

1) Spend Smartly

Not everyone can live with a minimalist lifestyle described by experts on saving money. The sudden change in lifestyle is the reason why people fail with their plans on saving money. Start with cutting down on the unnecessary expenses that you don’t need. It can be a magazine subscription or club membership.

A lot of money can be saved while shopping for products that are not branded. This does not mean you have to dump your favourite cereal. Try saying no to brands that will make no difference to you. Clothing, furniture, and certain electronic items can be bought from less known brands. Even the smallest of the items can save you money that adds to a considerable total at the end.

2) Put Aside Savings First

When you receive your paycheque, you should put aside the amount you intend to save. This simple trick is very effective since you are left with money you must make your ends meet with. There will be no option to use more than the allotted amount, making you fall behind your set timeline. Try automated money transfer to make it even easier for you to send money to the savings account.

3) Use a Cheaper Car

The fancy car in your garage is a depreciating asset with money you can have for the home deposit. You can use a cheaper car to travel while you save money for the deposit. Some couple even has two cars, making the other an unnecessary burden for the finances. A car in your garage cost you money from registration to maintenance. Sell one of the cars and transfer the money to the home deposit account. There will come a time when you can have an upgraded vehicle without worrying about the deposit.

4) Rent Out the Extra Space

You can have extra income from the spare space in your garage or extra room in your house. Based on your locality, the rent can make a sizable contribution to the deposit. Use online platforms such as Airbnb to rent out your room to travellers on their holidays. With this arrangement, you don’t have to deal with a long-term renter. However, you must carefully check the rent agreement before subletting the property. You might end up in trouble if you are not allowed to do so.

5) Sell the Unwanted Stuff

Numerous items in our house serve no purpose to us. We have bought them with a thought that they may come to use in future. But if they haven’t in years, there is a little possibility that they ever will. The products you have upgraded to may still lie ideal in your storeroom. You can sell them on online platforms on a local pawnshop to raise money. The clearing of these items will save space for you as well. It will make a living in a smaller place easy, saving you rent money.

6) Shop at Discount Stores

When you are on a budget, discount stores and sales are a paradise for you. You can buy more with less from these places. Even the home essentials such as detergents and dishwashing liquid will save you enough money to get your favourite brands where it matters.

7) Start a Side Gig

The second source of income can boost the saving process with additional money. You may get many freelancing jobs for your line of work. If not, you can always start selling some product on e-commerce sites. Make sure it doesn’t drain you physically and mentally. Also, you must have a work-life balance to make your relationships work. You can take a small loan for starting a side business if the ROI is good enough. There are many lenders in the market from which you can get loans with CCJ or bad credit to start a business.

8) Build Your Own Home

If you know someone you can live next door with, contact them for investing together. You can buy land and build a duplex on it with the help of your acquaintance. You only need half money for the deposit. Even if you don’t want someone else involved, building your home is an economical alternative. However, it requires much more efforts than simply buying a house.

To sum up, sometimes the small amounts you save can make a significant contribution to the savings account. Try these small changes, and you can save money for your house deposit. People with bad credits need to make sure they don’t default any more repayments since there is no cap on interest rates when you get loans with CCJ and other defaults.

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