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8 Ways to Keep Your Hair and Skin Protected This Summer


Summer is a great time for you to soak up all the sun’s goodness and have fun outside. The only downside is your skin suffers in the process. For this reason, you need to ensure that you are intentional about how you look after your skin and hair. You might have noticed that your scalp gets too itchy, and your skin looks drier than usual. Here are some ways to ensure your skin and hair stay healthy all summer long.

8 Ways to Keep Your Hair and Skin Protected This Summer

Use Moisturizer

One of the things you will notice with the summer heat is you tend to get dry and itchy very fast. Your skin sheds off some of the moisture meant to keep it plump and soft whenever you sweat. For this reason, you have to get moisturizer for your skin and your hair. Ensure you generously apply moisturizer on your skin after a bath. If you wash your hair often, it is also vital to apply a moisturizer to the scalp and hair.

Don’t Skip the Sunscreen

If you plan to go out in the sun, ensure you get sunscreen. Prolonged exposure to the sun is not just dehydrating. It also puts you at the risk of getting skin cancer. Ensure that the sunscreen you have are an SPF of over 50+ if you will be in the sun for long. It also helps if you can get hair products with sunscreen.

Wear a Hat

Aside from sunscreen products for your hair, ensure you get a hat. You can choose to buy a small hat, but the wide-brim ones are the best options. The reason for this is that they also cover your face and reduce the chances of you getting sunburnt too fast. Look up different sunhats and pick one that matches your outfit or current activity.

Dress Lightly

Summer heat can be stifling, so designing lightly is a great idea. Ensure that the clothes you have are made from breathable fabric. If you are unsure of what to go for, remember you can never go wrong with linen and cotton clothes. They will ensure you stay cool even in the sweltering heat.


Staying in the sun for too long makes you sweat, and your body will lose so much of its water content. To prevent getting a heat stroke or suffering from severe dehydration. You need to ensure that you replace the fluids you lost. Ensure you take at least 2 liters of water each day. If you do not love water, you can add some lemon or cucumber to it. You could also choose to take fruits like watermelon and cantaloupe with a high-water quantity. Whatever you choose, ensure you stay hydrated.

Retreat After a Swim

Swimming is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. The only issue is that the chlorine in the water strips your skin and hair of all its nutrients. If you do not have a swim cap after a while, you will notice that your hair starts becoming frizzy. Ensure you get your hair treated more often. Use some leave-in conditioners and protein nutrients to end up having luscious and healthy hair.

Come Up With a Skincare Routine

Most people ignore their skin in summer because of traveling or too many things going on. Ensure you change your skincare routine to suit the summer, so you keep looking amazing. You might need to switch some of the products you had for winter and take out the moisturizers for summer.

Protect Your Skin From Heat Rash

Being out in the heat can cause your skin to blister up because of heat rash. For this reason, you need to exfoliate more often. You can do this manually or chemically using products. Do not just look after your face and forget that your whole-body needs are also looked after.


Summer is a time to relax and have fun. The only issue is that you tend to forget to look after your body many times. The tips above will go a long way in ensuring you stay healthy all summer long.

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