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A Fashionistas Guide to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winters


Alright, let us cut straight to the chase. Winter is almost here, and we are beyond excited. Winter is truly a magical experience, to say the least. However, arguably the best part about winters is winter fashion. From the long coats to the knee-high boots, you have got to love winters. If you are still trying to process summer, this article will help you get your wardrobe ready for winter. We have seven tips to help you get sorted.

A Fashionistas Guide to Get Your Wardrobe Ready for Winters

1) Wear a minimum of three layers

The secret to staying warm during winters lies in layering. It is a bonus that layering is super fashionable as well. In order to ensure excellent insulation from the soul-chilling winds of winter, it always helps to layer on pieces; we recommend a minimum of three layers. Every great outfit consists of a base layer, a middle layer, and an outer layer. For your base layer, the best fabric to wear is one that is thin and moisture-wicking as they are designed to keep you warm without making you sweat. Some of our favorite picks include long johns, silk underwear, or perhaps a light wool turtleneck. For your middle layer, you can wear just about anything. It can be a shirt and jeans, a dress, or perhaps a skirt and blouse. It helps to wear thicker fabrics if the temperatures are expected to drop. For your outer layer, throw on your favorite coat or jacket, and you are good to go. It can be a wool coat, a chic blazer, or a leather jacket – an outer layer not only provides warmth but is the glue that brings the whole look together. If you feel extra, you can throw in more layers and make your outfit even more fashionable.

2) Wear tighter clothing

Tight-fitted clothing does not only make your body appear more toned and in shape, but it is excellent for preventing wind chill. Nothing sends a shiver down the spine like an unexpected gush of cold breeze creeping against your skin. Opt for skinny jeans over wide-leg jeans, ditch the flowy top for a skin-tight sweater, Put away your baggy bomber jacket and perhaps look into more form-fitting custom leather jackets – it really is not as hard as it may seem to some. Another plus that comes with tighter clothing is that they help balance out your bulky winter pieces. Every good outfit nails some key points, one of which is structural balance. Since the wintertime aesthetic generally focuses on big sweaters and bulky coats, wearing tighter clothing helps give your outfit a more structured and well-thought-out look and feel.

3) Wear long coats

Long coats are more than just fashion. Aside from their chic and elegant outlook, they are incredibly practical and super warm. Trends come and go, and while we love new coat styles, nothing quite compares to the classic fit. If you wish to stay warm this winter season, there is no better way to do so than with a stunning long coat. Long coats add an element of old-world charm to your outfits while keeping you safe from the cold winds of winter. However, what makes them extra special is their versatility. You can pair your long coat with just about anything from a nightgown to a pair of everyday jeans and a sweatshirt. If you are having a rough day pulling yourself together, you can honestly throw a long coat on top of your PJs and head out. Yes, they are amazing, so it is time you get your hands on one.

4) Pair sweaters with skirts

Sweaters and skirts are a timeless combination, but it seems that the trend is dying, so perhaps it is time to bring them back. Sweaters, regardless of their fit, look super chic with skirts. The key to nailing the perfect skirt and sweater outfit is getting the proportion right. A good outfit is all about striking the right balance. If you are sporting a baggy sweater, style it with a more form-fitting skirt like a pencil skirt, maybe. Similarly, if you will wear a skin-hugging cardigan, you can style it with a flowy skirt, a maxi, or a midi cut, maybe.

5) Invest in wool

Wool is an excellent fabric, both in warmth and sustainability, and is a wintertime must-have. If you want to invest in wool, it is best to opt for moisture-wicking wool as it prevents you from sweating while ensuring good warmth. There are different grades of wool available in the market, some rougher and itchier in texture. We recommend opting for wool that is soft, warm, and non-itchy. If not wool, you can try your luck with cashmere or merino. Cashmere is expensive, but nothing quite compares to its look and feel, so if you have money to splurge, cashmere is an excellent investment. Merino is great as it is lightweight and easy to carry. Our favorite wool garments are cardigans, crew neck sweaters, and oversized sweaters.

6) Sport a statement jacket

Nothing says fashion like a statement jacket. The fall and winter seasons are all about outerwear. Needless to say, if you are looking to make a fashion statement, there is no better way to do it than with a killer statement jacket. Pick a jacket that vibes best with your style aesthetic. It could be a pea coat, a long coat, a biker jacket, a leather blazer, a puffer jacket, or a plaid coat, whatever your preference, really. A statement piece does not shy away from the crowd. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, we suggest trying out bolder colors and prints as they harbor the greatest impact. A statement jacket is an essential item; we highly recommend you invest in one.

7) Play with textures

Textures add so much character to an ensemble. While the concept of incorporating different textures in your ensemble may seem like a basic idea but it harbors so much impact that you must try it out for yourself. The best way to add more texture and fun to your outfit is in the form of fabrics. Pair different types of fabrics with one another to make your outfit interesting. There is so much to play with, from wool to silk to leather. Mix and match different garments to create a runway-ready look that is both cozy and chic.

– Parting thoughts

Winter fashion is possibly the most forgiving of the lot because even on days when your outfit does not seem to be working, you can simply hide it all under a coat. Although simple, winter fashion packs a punch unlike any other. If you want to get your wardrobe ready for the winter season, follow our guide to nail those cold weather OOTDs.

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