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A Pertinent Time for Launching a Food Delivery App with Exotic Features


Food…Most of you would have had the pavlovian response on reading the word food. There is a famous quote by Auguste Escoffier that says,’Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. More than being a primary need for living food means many things to many of us. We eat when we are hungry, happy, sad, and whatnot. Food does have a way of camouflaging our emotions, and a lot of us have oddly sought comfort in food. An increase in the number of food bloggers and influencers trying out different cuisines at restaurants can show you what a large domain food business is.

A Pertinent Time for Launching a Food Delivery App with Exotic Features

The sudden onset of the global pandemic has caused many food businesses to lose their spark because of the restrictions imposed on dine-in services. This shouldn’t be why we cannot consume our favorite food. Food delivery apps pave a way to substantiate it. Many food companies have started to integrate food delivery apps into their system, and the most preferred method is using an Ubereats clone app for their business. Uber has a top-notch food delivery application script and is paving its way into many food delivery businesses.

Exotic Features that can be assimilated in a Uber clone app

The primary features like login, profile setup, search for the food/restaurant, order, payment process, GPS-enabled tracking, ratings, and reviews keep the app running. But as the app and customers need change, so must the features and the updates of the app. Few exotic features that can be integrated into a uber clone script are

Smart curation and specialization

Based on the past orders and customer’s popular preferences, restaurant suggestions, and food suggestions can be displayed on the user’s app. This works based on user behavior analytics and helps to cater better to the customer’s preferences. This also keeps the customers gripped to the app for a longer run.

Banking and online wallet

To implement contactless payment, many businesses have started to accept digital payments. Digital payment is a simple and quick way of paying the bill. Integrating an in-app digital wallet in your uber clone app can help carry out the payment process in a jiffy.

Customized delivery

Users should have the autonomy to get their food delivered to whichever address they want. Drop off locations can be updated to many places like hospitals, parks, malls. In the foreseeable future, ordering food to the hospital seems an essential thing for quite some time. This feature helps the users get their food delivery anywhere they want

Time-based notifications

Update the customers at the time of the restaurant operation. This helps the customers to order within the operating time of the restaurant. This can help the customer get their favorite cuisine of food and gives the restaurant a good reach among the customers.

Discovery title

The discovery title options give the customers a choice to order according to their needs. Options like Superfast delivery, Offers near you, Vegetarian only, Pocket-friendly, Trending now, What’s new guide the customers in carrying out custom-based searches of restaurants and food. Thus users need not search for a longer time to get food as per their preference.

Time-based course meal

This is a very vital feature. It shows foods and restaurants as per the appropriate meal timing. Options for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner are provided in the app, and the users can easily book their needed meals. Right from pancakes to steak, every food is categorized, listed, and presented to the customers at the right time.

Multiple order

More often, we see households that have separate food being cooked for each person of the house. Yes, people are specific, and your customers are demanding like that. Let your customers order from multiple restaurants at a time. The ubereats clone script should have multi-order features that help users order different cuisines of food from different shops. The more, the merrier. It applies both ways of the food being served to customers and orders received in the app.

Bulk booking

Enable your customers to book food in bulk. This sure is a more natural way of ordering food for parties and events. This option can enhance the app’s reach as food is an essential component of parties and events and enables the customers to avail services within just a few steps.

Subscription and lunch plan option

Subscription and lunch plan options enable customers to subscribe to a plan that delivers meals at a specified time every day. This feature is a boon to many working professionals who are toiling between work and household chores. This enables the customer to have a timely meal delivered to them. Thus, the stress of planning the meal for the day is avoided.

Referral system

Most of the time, if you look closely, customers are the best advertisers. If one person likes a service, they will persuade their friends and family to avail of it. Likewise, the high-end features of your app will surely attract customers. What if you gave them an incentive for referring to their circle of people? The users can send a referral code to the others to install and use the app by which the users will receive discounts and coupons.

Integrating all the above mentioned exotic features and more in your uber clone app will do wonders in boosting your business reach and profits. Food delivery apps are expected to rule the food business at least for a decade or more, and this is an appropriate time to jump in and launch your business.


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