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An Expert’s Guide to Styling a Perfect Guest Room


When it comes to celebration, there is no perfect time. Whether you are planning for a cordial family meet, girl’s weekend, or siblings’ night out, you want to make sure that your dear ones stay is always as comfortable as possible. Creating a perfect guest room is the key to ensure a memorable stay for your family and friends.

An Experts Guide to Styling a Perfect Guest Room

If you love having guests over your place add some efforts to design a guest room that radiates a homely vibe. A few simple tweaks go a long way in creating a perfect guest room suited for all kinds of special occasions.

1. Keep it clean and clutter-free

A perfect guest room is one that sports a clean and clutter-free look. A well-dressed bed with cleanliness around is imperative to fill your guest room with an inviting aura. Plus, make sure to deck your room with a design that features clean lines and provides ample space for storage to stow away your additional essentials.

2. Guest Bedroom Furniture

A well-equipped guest room is decked up with all important furniture pieces. Apart from a bed, your guest room should have a dresser, chairs, and wardrobe. Moreover, having a sofa is appreciated.

  • Bed will allow your guests to sleep comfortably. And make sure to don your bed with clean linens. Also, the pillows should neither be too lumpy nor too old. For inspiration, you can check the latest bed designs online.
  • If you want to add two beds to the guest room, pay attention to symmetry.
  • A dresser with a mirror will let your guests dress up and store their belongings worry freeway.
  • A comfy accent chair will enable your guests to have a relaxing time.

Moreover, if you have space you can also go for a small desk or a book rack.

3. Guest Room Essentials

To ensure your guests’ convenience and better experience, it is suggested to keep all essentials handy for them.

Here are some essentials you can provide to your guests:

  • Interesting magazines
  • Small water bottles
  • Soap
  • Comb
  • Toothpaste
  • Mirror
  • Television

Doing so will provide your guests with the freedom to use the room for more than just sleeping. It will help retreat and socialize.

4. Guest Room Decoration

Your guest room deserves attention just like the other rooms in your house. So when decorating it, ensure you make no compromises. After all, it is a great place to experiment.

  • Pick soft colors with cozy neutrals.
  • Use appealing window treatments.
  • Enhance appeal with heavy velvet curtains or place lamps to make the room feel cozier.
  • Put some décor items and collectibles for display.
  • Clear the clutter and keep items that are barely necessary.


Thus, with careful planning, you can give your guests a place to retreat and socialize. With a well-arranged guest room outfitted with all essentials, your guest room will feel more comfortable, like at home.

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