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Are Text Messages And Emails The Core Of Digital Marketing Strategy?


The concept of marketing is a force that can single-handedly turn the fortunes of a business, its sales, and the consequent profits.

Today, a sub-division of marketing is becoming as equally popular as marketing itself it is. Can you guess which part I am talking about?

Use Digital Marketing for your Business Advantage

I am referring to digital marketing, aka internet or online marketing.

This concept has picked up its pace in the recent decade and compelled every business to take it up and turn its fortunes.

How does it Work?

Digital marketing is a concept that came into being in the 90s. By the 2000s, it had started to work its magic.

The purpose of digital marketing is somewhat similar to traditional marketing. While the latter is the umbrella term that encompasses everything from product designing to after-sale services, digital marketing merely focuses on creating product awareness.

This concept helps a business improve its visibility amongst its target audience, visibility of the company, and what it stands for, along with all that it can do for the customers.

For this purpose it uses two mediums, these are;

• The internet

Internet is a platform that is used by the entire world population. From 6-year-old to 60-year-olds, no one can claim to have been eluded by its charm and all that it can do for them.

The businesses realize this potential and utilize the same. From search engines like Google and Bing to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, nothing is left untouched by digital marketing.

• The Gadgets

Just using the internet is not sufficient for digital marketers. The concept also capitalises all other digital technologies used by their potential customers to convert them into real paying customers.
Computers, laptops, and smartphones are examples of digital technologies available in almost every household.

You must have bought a product or even booked a hotel by reading a great review on Google, I certainly have, and yes, that is digital marketing at work.

Its Main Components

We have established that digital marketing is a concept that utilizes two mediums to create the business’s presence.

It does through its four main components, which are

• Social media; creating a business account and posting regularly on it to make the user land on your products somehow.

• Search Engine Optimisation; this focuses on using words and phrases that the user may search about on Google and making him land on your website through the links you add.

• Content Creation; regularly posting blogs, articles, and reviews of your products and services will make the chances of customers buying your products more.

• Texts and Emails; sending text messages and emails about your products and services will make the consumer aware by just opening the notifications.

Why Focus on Texts and Emails?

Every aspect of digital marketing is essential, and not even a single one can be avoided if you want to optimize digital marketing like it is supposed to be.

However, I would say that there is one part of this concept that has proven to be more beneficial to the customers than the others: text and email marketing.

Why are Others Flawed?

For us to understand is why we must analyze where the other aspects fail.

  • Social media is a great way to promote a product. Although it has an audience in billions, it is not guaranteed that people would see every picture you post. Even your followers may not know what you have posted since there are so many other posts.
  • SEO only works, if the user types a keyword or keyphrase you want him to. Even then, he might not click on your link, although it is on the first page of the results.
  • Writing reviews is only appropriate if you know that the user is going to read it. There is a high probability that someone else’s content may appeal more him than yours.

I am, by no means, saying that these will never work in your favour, they may generate sales every time. However, it seldom happens. Just using these may make you acquire very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker in the UK because sales are not happening.

The Benefit of Texting and Emailing

Text and email marketing have been in use since digital marketing was invented. The audience for the same is as wide as the other platforms.

Every fifth person in the world has a Gmail account in the world.
And over five billion people have a cell phone that they use daily.

These numbers must have given you a picture of the reach of text and email marketing. Even if a person does not have a smartphone, he can still get a text message on his basic phone.

Telecommunications operators use text messages as one of their primary sources of marketing, as soon as your minutes are about to end, they start bombarding your phone with offers and deals.

On top of this, personalisation is another benefit of texts and emails. A personalised message with the user name on top will make him feel consequential for you and your business.

Even libraries use the personalised emails to make to their members aware of the renewal of memberships and the offers for the same.

AOne Credit, an online lender, does the same to remind its clients about the installment that will be due the next day.

Now you know it all.

Do you not think that without texts and emails, digital marketing will be insufficient in fulfilling its target?

Your affirmative answer will fulfil my purpose in writing this blog.


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