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Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


Artificial Intelligence and digital marketing have become two associated things. The trend of digital marketing was at its peak and during a pandemic, its demand is touching sky. If you are a businessperson or even if you are a digital-bug then you could surely understand what role digital marketing plays.

Use Digital Marketing for your Business Advantage

Let’s get back into down memory lane and recall a brand about which you got to know through social media. I know you are confused because yes, there are plenty of brands you got familiar with, via social media.

Well, some of you only know one side, another one is still a secret for many of you. Must be thinking what this one and other side thing is?! We are actually talking about digital marketing. Do you know this is not digital marketing alone which is helping brands to crack hard nuts?

In fact, there is one more invention which is assisting brands with turntables. Would you like to know what that is? Artificial intelligence! Yeah, it’s AI which is working as a building block for the brands. Don’t be surprised, it’s not rocket science.

This invention is associated with all the common things which you all do or know. Interested to know what those things are? If yes, then stay focused and read with full concentration.

Chatbots and instant assistance

You all have experienced this association of digital marketing and chatbots. In case, if any of you have ever messaged or sent a query to a brand, you all have received an instant message of ‘thanks for contacting us’. Don’t get excited, these are the chatbots that are always present to cater to customers. We think that it’s an amazing invention. Like on one side, you feel valued, no matter how much time a member of the customer support team might take to respond to you back. But, at least there is someone who is ready to assist you on time. Let’s say a big thanks to this amazing invention. Imagine, you are standing on the verge of the deadline, you ask for help from any essay writing service company and boom, at least there is a chatbot to listen to you (just kidding). You will get a reply from the company’s assistant too. We were just telling you how amazing this invention is.

Email marketing

All those emails you receive from brands. What do you think? This is the team that is keeping you in a loop. Well, no. It’s an Artificial Intelligence that helps brands to retain customers. And we all know that this tactic works amazingly. Imagine you are watching a movie and receive an email that you have got 200 bonus from a food service. Of course, your mind will trigger you and you will end up ordering a meal for yourself. This is why most brands are linking their marketing strategies with Artificial Intelligence. So, next time, when you receive an email don’t think that these are the representative of the brand. No, it’s an invention of science that is keeping you updated.

Showing all that you say

Ok, this one is a bit funny yet scary and I am sure all of you have experienced this. How many times this has happened that you and your friend talked about a thing and it started appearing on your feed. Yes, we are sure that you all could relate. Well, let us tell you that it’s not a coincidence. In fact, this an Artificial Intelligence which is keeping an eye on an eagle on you. Let’s suppose, just say an assignment master need and hola! We can surely tell you that soon cheap essay writing service this website and other ones with a similar name would start appearing on your feed. If you still don’t believe that feel to give it a try.

Game of keywords

Some of you might know what this keyword thing is and for a few of you, this could be an entirely new thing. Ok, so let us tell you that keywords are the kind of words that most of the brands use in content marketing. Like, take an example of a clothing brand- fashion and style could be the most common words which one could use to search for clothes. So yes, if you focus on the content of any clothing brand, you will find these two words, used at least one time. Must be wondering why brands do this? Well, this helps them to grow and to enhance their position on Google. Yeah, it’s a game of Artificial Intelligence too. Once you use perfect keywords, AI will eventually bring you on top, particularly on search engines.

We know many of you were unaware and didn’t know about this side of digital marketing. So, if any of you think that why you are failing to make an accurate digital reputation then, let us suggest you integrate Artificial Intelligence with your marketing tactics.


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