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Best Metropolitan Cities to visit in 2020


My Experiences being on the best metropolitans convinced me to write about those cities and tell you about the beauties I could get from those destinations. Always choose the holiday destination keeping in view all the protocols of your holiday break. The destination should have diversity in activities and experiences there. But it also depends on your choices and priorities.

Best Metropolitan Cities to visit in 2020

I find archeological experiences along with the luxuries and refreshing breaks on the heavenly beaches in the world. But metropolitans catch my attention from wherever I use to enjoy my breaks. As I’m booking for my Cheap flights to Rabat. And I’m going to tell you about my favorite metropolitans in the world in this blog.

Best Metropolitan Cities to Visit in 2020:

Here are the world’s most active, Charming and lively metropolitan cities you should visit in 2020. This world is full of beautiful experiences, we only have to explore the places differently. Let’s try exploring these cities differently.

Marrakech – A Minni Morocco:

I find Marrakech a metropolitan every traveler should visit. A charming, lively and a place that everything has for your holiday requirements. Even the nightlife seekers also have a lot of fun in the bars of Marrakech. Morocco is an Islamic country but liberal enough to accept and host travelers with full devotion.

People would say that the Marrakech could be the backward city or blah blah. But I could find a lot of fun being there. Marrakech has many night bars for you to get the electrified nightlife experiences.

Marrakech has a lot of Museums, archeological and cultural representations for the people who are traveling to the destination for the travelers who are the first time there. I always visit museums and old archeological places first to take a unique introduction of the destination, how people have been living there and what is the scope, values, and traditions of the place.

For such experiences you should visit Djema el Fna. A very first and amazing experience you would receive in Marrakech. It is a market that offers you many traditional experiences. Shop clothes, Eat something traditional on street and overview the snake charmers, and the fire swallowers. You will also find the fortune-tellers there. That is a very funny part of your tour of the market. Nearby is the Café de France you can sit and take the right traditional gastronomical experiences.

Take the ride of Hot air Balloon in the early morning. But why early morning? That has two reasons. One, you will take the ideal morning views of the city from an ariel view. And secondly, you will have the perfect breakfast in the air of Marrakech in your hot air balloon. Well. You can also book your holidays in Aqua Park in Marrakech. That would have a different and luxurious experience for you and your family. Don’t forget to take the traditional tastes of Lamb Tajine, Harira, Kofta, and Couscous. The mint tea in Morocco would also entertain you in Morocco at every step.

Cairo – Egypt’s Charmest Metropolitan City:

Do you want a different Charm this time in your holiday break? Yet another my favorite metropolitan city is here to entertain the way you want. Cairo is the world’s most historical, cultural and beautiful city. Travelers visit the destination to find the most historic and metropolitan experiences.

The melt of old traditional and modern experiences inspire a person. I always like a destination that offers me the same mix of experiences. I could get such experiences in many cities of India, and the very famous city of Pakistan, Lahore. The same is with Cairo.

But Cairo has something very interesting for you. Giza Necropolis. What an idea to visit the place, witness the pyramids, the great siphinx and the get the old vibe from the place? The guide you will hire would also tell you the history of the place. Take pictures and inspire people in your social circle.

Don’t forget to visit Khan el Khalili to buy some traditional Egyptian lamps and other traditional local products. Egyptian Museum would also inspire you to witness many historical chapters. Say hello to the mummies in the museums of Cairo that have a thousand years of history. Don’t forget to get the right Egyptian tastes in the traditional cafes and resturants in Cairo. Complete your trip by the beach spots experiences in Cairo.

Be on the best destinations this time in Cairo and other glamorous destinations in Egypt. Don’t stick to the metropolitans I have recommended you, you should also take the other options in Morocco, Egypt and the other destinations of your choice. Don’t miss the chance to make your holiday experiences having diverse experiences. Add everything and interesting fun activity on your holiday break this time. Good Luck. Cheers!


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