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Best Scrubs for Women to Flourish Your Fashion Sense


This year, with the coronavirus pandemic, nurses are one of the many unsung heroes. They have a myriad of duties and must care for the sickest of patients while putting themselves at risk and sometimes being separated from their families.

Best Scrubs for Women to Flourish Your Fashion Sense

Nurses can have some small things that brighten their workdays, and scrubs that mix well with their fashion sense can be one of those little joys that make everything a little better.

History of Nurse Fashion

Nurses were traditionally dressed in white, just as doctors also wore white coats and still do today. White represented a sterile, clean environment but proved to be impractical for a nurse’s daily duties. Additionally, most nurses once wore skirts which also have proved to be less effective as they sometimes have to lift and move patients.

Scrubs, typically worn by surgeons in the operating room, proved to be a lot more practical.

Scrubs for Nurses

Scrubs became the go-to items from nurses in both hospitals and doctors’ offices for a number of reasons. They were practical, and easy to clean or replace should they come in contact with blood or a chemical. They still look professional and help patients identify nurses from other staff. They also keep nurses from ruining their personal clothes.

The problem with scrubs is they typically came in two colors, green and blue. Today, the industry has taken notice and provides many styles for those who want to express their personalities while remaining professional on the job.

Fashion Scrubs

There are many fashionable scrubs available for nurses. Not only do today’s scrubs come in a variety of colors, but also in a multitude of prints. Fashionable nurse scrubs can be something that makes both you and your patient feel more comfortable. This is particularly true for those working with both older and extremely young populations.

A geriatric patient may warm up to you in a scrub with a floral print while a child may allow you to take their temperature if you are wearing a scrub with a cartoon print. A unique scrub can be an icebreaker with some patients who are less verbal as well.

What to Look for in Scrubs

Beyond the fashion prints, there are several things that stand out in quality nurse scrubs. The most important thing is that they are easy to clean. Nurses are going to come in contact with bodily fluids like blood and saliva. Scrubs need to be able to withstand a harsh wash with chemicals without falling apart and fading.

The second feature of quality scrubs is they offer a lot of flexibility. Nurses need to move around to do their jobs. They may be helping to lift patients, unhook patients from equipment or picking up items from a supply room. Anything they wear must have breathability and movement.

What’s on Your Feet

While scrubs are the first thing most people notice when they meet a nurse, what you wear for your legs and feet are equally critical. Nurses are on their feet for extended periods of time, so leg and feet circulation matters.

For your legs, there are compression socks that work well for support and they can come in various fashion styles also. From standard prints to Tooniforms, compression socks can relieve your legs and showcase style.

Athletic shoes are a must for the active nurse. There are those especially produced to meet a nurse’s lifestyle. That includes heel and side support and good arches and cushion.

There are several manufacturers that make athletic shoes that will wear well for several years and include features like memory foam insoles and air mesh bodies. Shoes can come in a multitude of colors and styles so nurses can showcase their style from their scrubs all the way to their feet.

Like scrubs, nurses should make sure their shoes are high-quality and will ear for a long time under harsh use. You may pay a little more for such a shoe, but it is an investment in your career.

With an assortment of scrubs, socks, and shoes, a nurse can feel like they can take on the day no matter what it holds. They are heroes and deserve to dress in a fashionable way that demonstrates their knowledge and skills.

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