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Blue Ocean Strategy


Blue Ocean Strategy is a business procedure book published in 2005 by Harvard Business School Publishing in the USA, it was composed by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of The Blue Ocean Strategy Institute and professors at France’s INSEAD business college and prime supporters of the Value Innovation Institute.

Blue Ocean Strategy

The book embodies what the writers believe is the best authoritative procedure to generate development and benefits in the organization. Blue Ocean Strategy recommends that all together for an association to succeed they ought to encourage new interest in an uncontested market space, or a “Blue Ocean”, instead of contending head-to-head with other providers in an existing industry.

The writers draw the consideration of their pursuers towards the relationship of success stories across ventures and the detailing of strategies that give a strong base to make unconventional achievement – a strategy named as “Blue Ocean Strategy”. Dissimilar to the “Red Ocean Strategy”, the customary way to deal with the matter of beating rivalry got from the military association, the “Blue Ocean Strategy” attempts to adjust innovation to utility, cost and price positions. The book despises at the marvels of customary choice between product/service separation and lower cost, yet rather recommends that both separation and lower costs are attainable simultaneously.

Also, the book investigates the experience of organizations in territories, like watches, wine, concrete, PCs, cars, textiles, espresso producers, airlines, retailers and even the bazaar, to address this basic inquiry and expands upon the contention about “Value Innovation” being the foundation of a blue ocean technique. The creator further underlines that Value Innovation is fundamentally the alignment of advancement with utility, cost and price positions. Subsequently, it makes an uncontested market space and makes rivalry unessential.

Brief Summary

The book is separated into five sections: The initial segment presents key ideas of Blue Ocean Strategy, including Value Innovation. The second part portrays the four principles of the Blue Ocean Strategy detailing, like how to make uncontested market space by recreating market limits, focusing on the higher perspective, reaching beyond existing demand and getting the key sequence right.

The book uses numerous models across businesses to show how to break out of conventional competitive strategic thinking and to develop demand and benefits for the organization and the business by using Blue Ocean Strategy thinking, in other words, this book is best business book.

The third and last part depicts the two key execution standards of Blue Ocean Strategy including tipping point leadership and fair process. These usage principles are basic for pioneers to beat the four key authoritative obstacles that can forestall even the best techniques from being executed.


The business foundation engages in no holds barred rivalry with other opponents looking for supported and profitable development, competitive benefit and to characterize its market share. Others, however, discover its path directly into the top by disrupting the norm and making their market, however, tapping uncontested one.

The authors emphasized that the way to making your own blue sea is to focus on worth and innovation and not on beating the opposition in bloody value wars. Thus, the critical achievement is driven by development, making new business sectors and distinguishing neglected necessities with potential for development.


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