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Common Tips to Keep your HVAC System in Best Shape


Almost every home now invests in the HVAC system but seldom do they give enough thought towards its maintenance. The HVAC system is an integral part of home operation system wherein the Heat Pump system helps us stay warm in winter, and the Air Conditioning System keep the home cool.

Common Tips to Keep your HVAC System in Best Shape

Why timely maintenance of the heating system and cooling system is essential?

Because as a homeowner all you see is a box that is helping you all year long stay comfortable in your home. But an HVAC system contains within it, its important components that do the complex task of heating and cooling and hence they shouldn’t be ignored.

  • Regular maintenance of HVAC system makes sure that your home blows fresh air and you stay comfortable, which if neglected can be a breeding ground for germs and bacteria.
  • Properly maintained HVAC system also ensures a reduction in the electricity bills, providing energy efficiency.
  • It is also worthy of keeping note that HVAC is an expensive investment and hence maintaining it would ensure it remains operational for its full life span.
  • A well-maintained HVAC unit will require fewer emergency repairs, which becomes normal for the homeowner who don’t get its services regularly. This deteriorates the quality of air the system blows and also reduces its life.
  • Lastly, an HVAC system that has been kept maintained regularly can be repaired at a zero cost with its part still being under warranty.

Keep reading to know some tips on how you can maintain your HVAC system:

  • Have a checklist for HVAC maintenance schedule: Firstly you should establish a set time for regular inspection and maintenance of your HVAC system. While doing so, make sure you have a checklist for all the parts and functioning that you should check to ensure your system is excellent. This could include reviewing the thermostats, gauges, gas connection, and condensation drains for any leakage or damage.
  • Keep vents unblocked: Make sure that the vents that supply and blow air is not blocked by dust as it can reduce the airflow, which will make the HVAC system push harder to suck and blow the air.
  • Replace the filter: If your HVAC system has replaceable filters, keep a tab on them and replace them on a regular basis. Replacing the air filters is even more important for families that run AC for longer or have pet animals in their home.
  • Keep the temperature optimum: Save energy and money by keeping the heat to an optimum level, according to the season.
  • Keep area outside the unit clean: Make sure that outdoor unit of the HVAC system is free from dust, debris, leaves, twigs or such particles which can block and damage the fan. There should be considerable clean space around the outdoor unit, to minimize the probability of any debris accumulation.

While these maintenance tips can help keep your HVAC system in best shape, it is advisable that homeowners get its serviced only from professionals who have the right tools and technology for ensuring timely maintenance of the heating system and cooling system. Since the vital parts of the system are not visible, your lack of knowledge could do more harm than good to the system. Furthermore having a trained and experienced professional maintain your HVAC system can ensure significant savings of time and money.

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