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What is the need for SEO in Digital Marketing?


SEO is a vital part of the element of digital marketing. SEO can be defined as a process which makes your website or webpage easy to find, categorize, and crawl on the search engines. With the help of SEO Toronto techniques, you can drive more traffic to your website. Search Engine Optimization plays an important role in marketing, especially in business. SEO has various approaches for increasing visibility of your website.

What is the need for SEO in Digital Marketing

Some common SEO strategies are mentioned below:

On Page Optimization

On page optimization helps in rising good traffic and visibility of the website. It makes the website friendly with the help various techniques such as good word density, keywords, and Meta keywords.

Off Page Optimization

Website promotion and link building are known as Off page optimization. The ranking in the search engine is highly affected by the incoming links. You should always make a link with a reliable or we can say well-known site because paid links, article directories can have an adverse impact on your search engine result pages.

Let’s read some important terms in SEO:

Crawling: Every search engine has its own software which is known as Crawler which crawls the whole page. The crawler cannot check the page daily. It can appear once or twice a week. The crawler cannot check the Flash movies, JavaScript, image, directories, Fumes, and password protected pages.

Indexing: After crawling the page, the spider stores the indexed page in a database from where those pages can easily be retrieved if anyone search page related keywords.

Search work: When a person gives a search request, the search engine gives millions of pages related to the search request. So it’s better to insert good keywords to the visibility of your page.

Algorithms: Search algorithm can be defined as a plan which sorts the content which contains keywords and URLs. Every search engine sets its own algorithms for showing search engine result pages.

Merits of using SEO in digital marketing:

  • A good SEO will improve the search engine ranking of the website or webpage. You may have any kind of website say business website, e-commerce website, product selling product or anything but will not get a good number of visitors without SEO. SEO will definitely improve your ranking in SERP.
  • There are thousands of your competitor websites; everyone wants to get a good ranking in search engine results. But you can only stand out from this competition if you do the SEO in the correct way.
  • Today everyone uses mobile for net surfing. Your page should be Mobile friendly which means your content should shrink down enough to display correctly on the mobile device. Mobile SEO is necessary for improving website visibility.
  • Good SEO gets you more ROI. A good ranking will increase the visitors on your website which means good ROI.

SEO can be defined as the lifeline for digital marketing. SEO gives your higher rank in SERPs and helps in gaining the attention of the customers which is very necessary to expand your business. But you should adopt new strategies from time to time for achieving a good ranking of your website.

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