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Create The Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software With An Efficient Online Store Builder


Choosing the best online store builder is a tough task when there are so many options available in the market to go for. It involves a high level of research before going for an alternative and definitely a thoroughly planned and revised investment plan before going for any online store builder as you as a store owner could land into debts and losses as there could be not as many leads generated as expected. There is very few eCommerce shopping cart software available in the market that would charge only for what a store owner consumes. This eStore software charges for what is subscribed and the webspace brought into utilization. Scalability could be prescribed by the store admin to meet low or high traffic demands and they would be charged exactly they consumed. There are absolutely no hidden charges like any other platform, let say, BigCommerce which tends to increase their monthly subscription charges whenever the traffic tends to increase irrespective of the fact a visitor makes a purchase or not.

Create The Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart Software With An Efficient Online Store Builder

So, what is the best way to get the estore as desired and definitely get more return on investments? Sellacious – the ultimate online store builder has more than 5000 essential eCommerce features available for free readily in the freemium version itself. Absolutely, there is a lot more to offer in the preceding version, like lifetime, lifetime 2.0, and enterprise.
There is a vast variety of options available for the subscription of this platform.

Starting from $29 per month as a starter pack, a user gets access to create one website, premium and priority customer support, unlimited auto-updates for the Sellacious’s provided installed plugins, Paypal as an exclusive payment gateway, no Ads in the admin panel. Also, the option to upload video demos and documentation for the ease of store regulators.

Lifetime Plan

It is the best eCommerce solution for not only small businesses but also for some other serious startups.

  • With the lifetime 2.0 version, you can get access to any Joomla theme and get on work instantly. Besides that, 1-year premium support, free accessibility to any plugin, freely available themes from Sellacious. Pick any out of the number of templates available that fits your business needs the best.
  • Optimized User and Seller chat widgets with an auto spell checker.
  • Multi-level Authentication for the customers through OTP at the login/registration forms to allow only genuine buyers to approach the web store.
  • SMS and email notifications, different product listing layouts. Each layout is different and better alluring than the other.
  • Not only this, but there is also a free configuration session and services to set up a website instantly.

Enterprise Version

Then there comes the best of all, the ‘Enterprise’ version which is built for enterprises with millions of visitors every minute.

  • Besides all the features of the ‘Lifetime 2.0’, it has a whole lot of exciting features to offer. 200K+ product handling, CLI based execution for the techies, advanced level taxation module with more detailed parameters, same goes for discounting, and shipment.
  • Free 12 hours customization, all free plugins, freely available premium themes, compatibility with AWS infrastructure and assets, enhanced security protocol, and PCI DSS compliant practice for payment by the payment gateways assured.
  • Adding on, a user can leverage this eCommerce shopping cart system to customize frontend capabilities, integrate Power BI and Tableau for data visualization and data analysis.
  • Particularly used to pull the vast set of data available at various data sources like cloud and get detailed information in form of metric on a dashboard which is very essential to analyze market trends, consumer needs, and the audience that the store needs to target.
  • The marketplace could be scaled up to 5 million products and 60 million listings.

Sellacious is ready to help even at off-hours!

Direct phone calls, chat, live chat support to every Sellacious user. The email and calls are directly catered by the core development and business team. If any payment integration is not available which is desired. Don’t worry! The team would get it for you in just $99 flat. Our team is composed of a multidisciplinary and dynamic group of professionals with complementary skills, consisting of one web strategy and analytics expert, UX strategist, and a Product Engineer. Our exemplary set of skills and a unified vision differentiates our brand in the industry.

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