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Definitely Visit Malaysia This Summer


Get Malaysian Visa On Arrival

An extremely popular tourist destination in the Asian continent, if you are planning to visit Asia or anywhere in Southeast Asia, you should certainly have Malaysia on your list. It would be a shame not to call this country a melting pot of extensively diverse cultures.

If you love exploring cultures as a tourist, you can plan a Malaysian itinerary and get special packages available online.

Definitely Visit Malaysia This Summer

If you are coming from a far off country or even India, you can easily get a Malaysian visa on arrival too. The country has made it extremely accessible to get the malaysian visa on arrival for Indians as well. Since malaysian culture holds very close similarities to the indian culture, the country is a host to hundreds of thousands of Indians every year. Which is why it only made sense to make malaysian visa on arrival accessible to one and all.

The country is not just rich in culture but offers you some tourist gems that will make your travel memorable. What fascinates most about Malaysia is that this country still stands to be a mix of modern cities that are still housing the colonial architecture and some heart-wrenchingly beautiful beaches. Yes, you also get to savour the lust green jungles still preserved with interesting cave tours.

Being a tropical country, Malaysia offers you to enjoy a beach vacation with its lovely climate and picturesque coastlines. There are some ultimate spots to enjoy beach sports, get complete relaxation through therapeutic massages and shopping.

Go to the langkawi beach for a relaxing time with some great dining options. You can also go to the Redang beach if you are looking to spend some quality time with your special someone.

When in Malaysia, don’t forget to take some interesting tours at the Gunung Mulu national park which is roughly 3000 years old and has incredible caverns. There are guided tours available that help you get more info, insights and come prepared to avoid injury. You can check out the Wind Caves, the turtle caves, the batu caves and more.

If you love diving, Malaysia offers you some of the world’s best diving sites to make it memorable. You can visit Sipidan to check out the best diving sites and get to explore the underwater marine life closely.

Since the country is preserved in terms of its natural heritage of lush greenery, you should definitely plan a hiking tour with your group. There are some excellent spots to go hiking that are safe and offer a mesmerizing view in to the diverse flora and fauna of the country. You can also plan out a camping night with your tour guides.

All we are saying is, visiting Malaysia is an experience in itself. You are welcomed to this colorful world of cultures, wide variety of foods, beautiful beaches, lush green nature, and the synchronistic existence of the modern and colonial architecture to this date. So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets to this country as you can easily get malaysian visa on arrival.

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