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Discussing Disney: How to Plan a Disney World Trip for Adults


Disney might be the most magical place on earth, but we’ll let you in on a secret – it’s not just for kids!

Plenty of adults love to visit Disney World too, as they can relive childhood memories, have fun with their friends, and enjoy all of the awesome experiences the parks have to offer.

Discussing Disney: How to Plan a Disney World Trip for Adults

However, do you know how to plan a Disney World trip for adults? It can be a little different than traveling with kids, so it helps to be prepared.

To learn more, keep reading to find our top tips for visiting Disney World as an adult.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

Since Disney appeals to so many families, the parks tend to be busiest during weekends and school vacations. June to September, plus Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas breaks are all times when you can expect the park to reach capacity.

However, as an adult, you’d probably prefer to enjoy your Disney World adult trip when the parks are slightly less crowded. Luckily, if you’re visiting without kids, you don’t need to worry about planning your vacation during school breaks!

Instead, try to visit midweek or on a week when school is in session. While Disney will never be completely crowd-free, at least you can beat some of the rush.

Indulge in Amazing Food and Wine

When you visit Disney with kids, it’s all about the rides, the princesses, and meeting characters. Of course, you can still enjoy all of the fun rides as an adult too, but you can also enjoy experiences more geared for adults.

Disney has plenty of amazing dining and drinking opportunities. This includes fine dining too, such as Victoria and Albert’s and Tiffins.

Despite being in a theme park, these restaurants are truly world-class—make your reservations far in advance or you’ll miss out.

For Disney dining experiences, you can make reservations 60 days in advance, all via their online reservation system.

If you love eating and drinking, you might want to time your visit around Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. It’s an amazing way to sample cuisine from all over the world.

Or, if you’re looking to have a few drinks in the evening, head over to Downtown Disney. You’ll find plenty of amazing restaurants and bars here, along with free entertainment and shops.

Book Adult-Friendly Accommodation

Sure, Disney has plenty of kid-friendly accommodation—but it has plenty of adult-friendly accommodation too! If you’re looking for a calmer, more upscale Disney experience, you’ll probably want to consider some Disney World adults’ hotels.

Popular choices include the Boardwalk, Dolphin and Swan, Grand Floridian, or the Beach Club Resort. If you’re a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, you can book using your points—this point chart for DVC can help you select the right hotel.

Of course, DVC guests can also enjoy free transportation to and from the parks. This can save you lots of time, but it’s also ideal if you want to enjoy a few drinks and don’t want to have to drive back to your hotel.

Have Fun Beyond the Parks

The Disney theme parks are still lots of fun for adults, especially Epcot and Hollywood Studios. These parks have more attractions and rides suited to big kids, plus Hollywood Studios is home to everything Star Wars!

However, Disney World is so much more than just the theme parks, so make time to enjoy some of the other activities. For example, you’ll find a few golf courses (plus some mini-golf!), along with lots of fun sporting facilities.

Or, if you’re in need of some relaxation, the spa at the Grand Floridian offers amazing massages and beauty services.

Another neat thing for adults to try is Disney’s behind-the-scenes walking tours. They’re a fascinating way to learn more about the history of the parks and how they operate.

Of course, Disney is also awesome for shopping. While you can find plenty of Disney memorabilia everywhere, you can also find lots of brand names and designer shops at Downtown Disney.
Just off Disney property, in Orlando, there are plenty of outlet malls as well.

Relax at the World Showcase

When it comes to Disney World adult activities, one of the best has to be the World Showcase! This can be found in Epcot and essentially lets guests walk through mini versions of different countries, like France, Mexico, and China.

You’ll find plenty of cuisine from that country, drinks, and desserts, along with cultural shows, shopping, and a few rides. It’s lots of fun to explore or just to relax outside with a cold drink and watch the world go by.

Some adults aim to ‘drink around the world’, but with eleven different countries, we recommend adding in plenty of non-alcoholic drinks to your Epcot pub crawl!

Many places in Disney do serve alcohol, but Orlando is a very hot climate, so always drink with care and stay hydrated.

Plan Your Disney World Trip for Adults With This Helpful Guide

If you’re planning your Disney World trip for adults, the tips above are sure to help. Like with any vacation, the key to Disney is all about planning!

Do plenty of research, figure out where to stay and what activities you want to do, then book everything in advance. This particularly applies to dining and park FastPass reservations.

Once everything is arranged, all you need to do is turn up and get ready to have tons of fun! Disney is amazing for kids of any age, so you’re sure to have an awesome trip.

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