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E-Billing – The Environmental and Financial Benefits of Sustainable Invoicing


If there is one trend that is in vogue and dominating all aspects of our life; it is the wave of going green. Adopting the eco-friendly and sustainable way of life is not only preached worldwide, but all steps are taken to make it a reality. The same is also seen in businesses and numerous companies worldwide.

E-Billing - The Environmental and Financial Benefits of Sustainable Invoicing

Today, many companies have environmental policies in place and encourage green and sustainable business practices and approach. One of the most popular strategies that are easily adopted by all businesses or even small size is switching to e-billing solutions like TabOn.

There are a number of benefits of switching from paper-based A/P and A/R processes and embracing solutions like TabOn Digital. Here, we highlight a few of the environmental and financial benefits of adopting eco-friendly and sustainable e-invoicing solutions.

Protecting the environment

E-billing solutions are an excellent way to save paper and helps save the environment. According to experts, about 12 million trees are cut down to give us about 30 billion invoices. The process also requires water and gasoline. They also emit plenty of greenhouse emissions, especially carbon dioxide.

Paper is obtained from trees which is a renewable resource. But the extent to which a paper is used might lead to its depletion and extinction. Going paperless might not solve all environmental issues but it can certainly save the situation from getting more serious.

Less waste

Waste management is another global concern. Invoices are a significant waste coming from businesses and corporations. Disposing of them requires a significant amount of energy and further contribute to environmental pollution. But when you adopt an electronic system like TabOn Digital; you prevent the generation of plenty of paper waste. At the same time, you know more have the responsibility and energy of disposing and recycling it in a way that does benefit the environment.

Reduced cost

Paper invoicing has plenty of costs attached to it. Foremost is the cost of paper and then the cost of getting your company invoice template printed on it. Then, you need to bear the transportation cost of getting it delivered to your company. Then you need to hire a person who would be preparing the invoice and handing it over to different customers.

You also need to save a copy of it for further use. It means an accumulation of a good amount of storage files that need space as well as a proper saving method so that any invoice can be retrieved easily whenever the need arises. But you can easily save all this cost and hassle by adopting easy and user-friendly e-billing solutions like TabOn.

Improved workflow with better control

A seamless and error-free cashflow is the ultimate requirement for the health of any business. Manual invoices pave way for plenty of administrative and data error. It is easy to make an invoice mistake. There is also a perpetual risk of the invoice getting lost and raising complications and hurdles in the smooth workflow of the business. You can also not guarantee the safety and secure handling of invoices. But none of these challenges are present when you adopt e-billing solutions. They eliminate errors of all kinds, are completely safe and secure and can be easily retrieved with just the click of a button.

Enhanced visibility and better control of data and cash flow

Financial health is the biggest indicator of business health. E-billing solutions like TabOn not only generate electronic invoices and deliver them on the customer’s phone and email but also show the capability of a full integrated Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functionality. They can take care of all documents like purchase orders, delivery notes, statements remittances, etc. They eliminate all kind of human errors which paper invoicing is highly vulnerable to.

Final words

E-billing solutions offer you advantages on all levels. You gain plenty of administrative, security and financial benefits from it for your business. You can also stand tall and proudly boast of fulfilling your responsibility towards conserving the environment. Thus, if you have not adopted the e-billing solutions till now; you can move towards it now with a confident bent of mind.

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