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The Best Ever Hotel Amenities to offer your Guests


Handling all the cleanliness and hygienic environment, still, your customers are not satisfied? Well, you might check the complimentary toiletries you are offering them.

Apart from the cleanliness and quality, that are a must, the guests also wish for some exclusive amenities that are according to their needs and requirements.

The best ever hotel amenities to offer your guests

Thinking about what can be the best amenities for them? Well, these things vary from traveler to traveler. You need to identify his choices and amenities they wish for. Don’t get confused and leave everything on us! We have mentioned some cheap hotel toiletries as per the preferences of type of traveler. All you have to do is read them and follow them accurately.

Hotel amenities for the newly wedded Honeymoon couples

Is your hotel located at a very famous honeymoon location? Then you should keep in mind to offer these amazing amenities to the couples who are starting their never-ending journey together!

1. Exclusive bathrobes: when it comes to hotel toiletries for the honeymoon couples, nothing can be better than giving them some exclusive bathrobes they could wear while having a drink in bed.

2. Free gifts: Free gifts such as a champagne bottle or a gift basket could be something very amazing to congratulate the couple for a new beginning.

3. 24 hours room services: A fast room service that can provide everything in their room so that they could have some private time without leaving their love nest.

4. Wellness Spa center: how relaxing it would be to get over tiredness caused due to the hustle of a wedding. If you don’t have one, then can arrange bookings or passes for nearby spa centers and add it in their amenities.

Hotel amenities for the business tycoons

Business tycoons wish for suitable and comfortable hotel amenities that can help them to wind up the busy business schedule. You can offer them below-give amenities:

1. High-speed WiFi services: the business travelers require high-speed wifi services to carry out their digital conferences, communicate with their office colleagues and to get the latest updates regarding their meetings and work.

2. Comfortable toiletries: Complementary toiletries such as bathrobes, shaving kits, shoe polish, hangers, iron and ironing board could be quite comfortable for them.

3. Free drink: you can also offer them a free drink or some free snacks if they order a drink.

4. Exclusive discount offers on dry cleaning and cab services: They often require such services. You can help them save some amount of money by offering them discount offers on dry cleaning and cab services.

Hotel Amenities for family travelers with children

Families look for hotels that provide them something extra for their children. Here are the amenities you can offer a family traveler with their children:

1. Baby cots and cribs: this is something very sweet and helpful. You can offer baby cots and cribs to the family with children below 2 years.

2. Toiletries for children: complimentary toiletries like children soaps, shampoos and toothbrushes, and toothpaste would be fantastic for the family travelers with small kids.

3. Discounted laundry facilities: it could be quite messy while traveling with kids. Discount offers on laundry can attract various mothers.

4. Free offer for children: you can offer free stay for kids or free buffet for kids that would sound really amazing to the family travelers.

Hotel Amenities for the buddy weekend travelers

Most of the people love to travel with their friends on weekends. If your hotel manages such type of guests you should check these amenities to keep in their room:

1. Extra beds: it is quite obvious they are planning a weekend trip to spend some memorable time together. You can offer extra bedding to such friends groups.

2. Free parking facility: make sure you have good parking facilities for such travelers as most of them love to travel with their own cars or bikes.

3. Flexible timing for check-in and check-outs: Youngster’s night out means no time punctualities. You can offer them flexible timings for check-in and check out so that they could wander without any tensions.

4. Extra toiletries: always keep a check to keep some extra toiletries such as towels, toothpaste, cutlery as they are likely to travel light as much as possible.

5. Free bike rides: if possible, you can offer them free bike rides that would surely be something beyond their expectations.

So, these were some exclusive amenities you can offer to your guests. If you are a low budget hotel and cannot offer such exclusive amenities, don’t worry! You can still satisfy your customers. There are various cheap hotel toiletries such as soap, toothbrush, towels, bathrobes, etc that are enough to make your customers happy and satisfied.


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