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Face Shield Vs Face Mask Explained In Detail


As you all know about the pandemic outbreak Coronavirus which has spread worldwide and most of the powerful countries have also bend their knees in front of this virus.

Face Sheild Vs Face Mask Explained In Detail

As this virus is community spread disease i.e. from humans to humans and also it gets spread by different medium so it becomes much more important and a compulsory duty of every citizen to take care of himself because this virus is termed as a deadly virus and many people have died because of it.

Government of every country is putting their best efforts to fight against the deadly coronavirus and also government has passed many laws and took necessary prevention like lockdown in every state which have somewhat help to control the number of increasing cases in a particular state but it is much more important that every citizen also supports its own government and take necessary precautions because

“One’s safety can be cure to many lives”.

Multiple Preventive measures can be taken like Face Shield, Face mask, PPE kit, Hand Sanitizer also can help to prevent from coming in contact of the deadly coronavirus.

So let’s talk about Face Shield and Face Mask which is best or which can be more useful or beneficial from preventing the deadly coronavirus.

As novel disease is increasing day by day and scientist are working day and night to develop a vaccine. But as of now there has been no solution or permanent cure to the virus.

People have also change their lifestyle to stay safe have started adopting the necessary preventive measures. People have started following the necessary guidelines given by the government and have started reaching to Face Mask and Face Shield to keep themselves safe.

Face Shield Vs Face Mask

Basically FACE MASK are manufactured using multiple material like cloth and plastic and these mask are developed in such a way that it covers the mouth and the area of nose which act as a barrier between the exposure to the air, which indirectly reduces the risk of transmission towards the virus. These mask also act as a barrier in a close space where multiple people are coughing, sneezing, laughing and talking. But it may be only useful if the people do not touch their hands on the outer side of the mask and then they touch their hands to face which eventually renders them ineffective.

Whereas FACE SHIELDS compared to face mask covers the whole face from forehead to chin which decreases the impact of getting infected as people do not touch their face again and again which is not at all possible while using a face mask and by a study it has been observed that the face shield reduces the exposure of a worker 96% within 18 inches of cough. As Face Shield is made up of plastic it helps people from coming in contact to the virus. Also Face shield do not get wet as compared to cloth mask which also helps from prevention to the virus. Face Shields are much more reliable and comfortable when compared to face mask, Face Mask are restricted and uncomfortable when used for long hours whereas Face Shields are much more effective.

Both Face Shields and Face Mask have their pros and cons and depending upon the environment where you will be visiting, you must select an appropriate face-covering tool which will be useful in that environment.

For example when a person is standing next to you and sneezing in your direction then at that case Face Shield is much more effective than Face Mask because Face Shields stops the viral droplets and may save you from getting infected.

Also there is only a slight difference in the pricing of a Face Mask and Face Shield. At last I would like to tell you that both have face-covering have their own benefits and it totally depends on you what you want to buy.


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