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Features to Consider When Building a Fitness Video Membership Channel


Creating fitness streaming channels is easy if you understand the impact and how to get started. Thus to guide you on this journey, this blog will be your guide.

What Is The Fitness Streaming Industry All About?

Fitness has always been viewed in the physical space. But today, thanks to the fitness streaming channels, fitness can be conducted and accessed online. The fitness streaming industry is booming and the proof is the number of different types of fitness Channels available.

Let’s learn more about this below.

4 Popular Types Of Fitness Channels

1. Diet/Nutrition Channels

This is one of the popular Channels which most users make use of. It is a Channel that helps you track all your eating habits. From the diet to your calories, everything gets recorded.

2. Workout Channels

This is another popular fitness Channel used by multiple fitness users. In this Channel, workout videos will be shown which any user can use to train themselves. These workout videos could be anything such as weights, cardio, etc.

3. Meditation Channels

Meditation channels are another popular workout Channel. These channels are used to calm the nervous system of a user. There are multiple videos which users can choose from. Any user can make use of such a channel by just searching the video required, click and listen to the same.

4. Activity Tracking Channels

Lastly, this is another popular channel which is growing popular. Such channels help track a user’s steps whether you’re traveling or walking anywhere. Apart from this, the channel also helps track other factors such as heartbeat, etc.

Top Ways To Build A Fitness Channel

  1. Understand what type of content do you wish to exhibit
  2. See what are the resources that can help you set up. GUDSHO is one of the familiar monetization platform that can help you build your very own channel and offer great features to improve your video business.
  3. Understand how your type of business is trending in the current market.
  4. Decide what features you wish to avail or offer to your users
  5. Understand the monetization platforms. Once you understand which model can help drive better revenue, implement the same on your platform.
  6. Keep testing your platform and continue to enhance it with time.

What Are The Top Features For Creating A Fitness channel?

Once you have your channel in place you need to start incorporating multiple features to enhance it such as the below:

1. Sign-Up

You need to make the sign-up process simple and easy for your users. Ask for a few credentials and information to help users get started.

2. Create a user profile

Second, let your users create a detailed profile for your channel to cater to them better. The profile update should be done after the sign in process.

3. Dashboard

Keep the dashboard simple and apt. The dashboard should have easy navigation features to help them get started.

4. Payment Option

Have a convenient option for users to subscribe or pay for your services. Use multiple payment options as per your user interest to drive more revenue.

5. Integrations with other apps

Lastly, get your channel associated with third party apps. This makes syncing of data easy to use.

Top Advanced Features To Consider When Creating A Fitness channel

1. Customizations

Let your users customize as per their interest. Keep a customization option as each user will have their own unique taste.

2. Notifications/Reminders

It is always better to stay connected with your users. Have notifications and reminders set for your users to be active on your fitness channel.

3. Share Location

Have location sharing so that users are aware of their fitness activity. Make it easy for them to track such as showing the distance, time covered, etc.

4. Exhibit Stories

It is always better to spread the word to gain more users. Get your users to share their workout performance on their social media.

5. Analytics

Lastly, help your users witness their performance to enhance the latter better. Exhibit detailed analytics for your users to conduct the above stated action.

Fitness Channels’ Perks

1. Target a wider audience

You can reach a larger audience by having fitness streaming channels. Social media sharing is also an option for the users, which will bring in more viewers.

2. Drive higher revenue

You can drive better revenue with your fitness channel. Based on the monetization models available, it becomes easy to apply multiple monetization methods and increase revenue.

3. Increase user engagement

Fitness channels lets you engage with your users at all times. You can send reminders and do so much more to increase engagement with your users.

5 Popular Monetization Platforms To Consider Right Now


GUDSHO is a premium video monetization platform for fitness creators across the globe, both large and small. It is a fully-featured platform with multiple revenue models that everyone from independent creators to enterprises can leverage to launch their very own channel, grow their community, and monetize their content at its best.

Top Features:

  • Easy channel setup
  • Import Export content
  • Powerful Monetization Models
  • Adaptive Bitrate Streaming
  • Social Integrations and Sharing
  • Brand Watermarks

2. MindBody Online

Mindbody Online as well offers tons of monetization options.

They have divided sections when it comes to offering their monetization models.

Top Features:

  • Detailed payment plans
  • Dedicated plan for each type of video content owners
  • Specific softwares for each type
  • Easy navigation interface
  • Detailed analytics

3. Kajabi

Kajabi is a great medium to drive more revenue.

They offer unique monetization models for video content owners to choose from.

Top Features:

  • Detailed Analytics
  • Diverse payment integrations
  • No income being cut
  • Diverse monetization options
  • All in one tool

4. Wellness Living

Wellness living is another popular fitness channel provider to consider.

The payment platforms are convenient based on user interest.

Top Features:

  • Advanced Reporting
  • Customer reviews
  • Management of team
  • Store credentials for users next use
  • Detailed business insights

5. Zen Planner

Lastly, Zen Planner is another great platform to consider when creating fitness channels.

This channel is one of the best tools especially for fitness. Content owners here can make use of available resources.

Top Features:

  • Member management
  • Automated billing
  • Robust reporting
  • Enhanced automations
  • Custom built websites


The top tips for launching a fitness channel are now at your fingertips. It’s time to create an own channel based on the information above. You can also enhance your fitness channel with these providers’ features.

So, When do you plan to launch yours? Launch your own channel with the simple click – Create own Fitness Channel.


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