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Functional Medicine: An Effective Way to Treat Type 2 Diabetes!


As various studies have concluded that the conventional medicine approach for treating type 2 diabetes, even after prolonged treatments have resulted in a “wait and see” mentality and drug therapy, which isn’t working to stem the tide of these epidemic numbers, nor are preventive strategies emphasized. With a holistic doctor in Denver, it has been recorded that type 2 diabetes has shown a lot of improvement within the sphere.


What is Type 2 Diabetes And How Does It Affects Are Body?

Type 2 Diabetes is considered to affects the way our body metabolizes sugar. It is a chronic disease that is characterized by a cumulative loss of sensitivity to insulin, the pancreatic hormone which is responsible to regulate blood sugar levels. The question of why type 2 diabetes develops has been argued and explored for decades. Obesity is often shared with diabetes and is termed as diabesity.

The Three ways Of Measuring Blood Sugar:

Generally, your practitioner will first test your blood sugar level to diagnose the type of diabetes. He/she may rely on one or more of the following given tests:

  • Fasting Blood Glucose
  • Oral Glucose Tolerance Test
  • Hemoglobin A1c

How Is Functional Medicine Said To Be An Effective Treatment?

If we take into account diabetes and conventional medicine in contrast, it has been concluded that Functional Medicine in Denver approach focuses on prevention and treatment through diet and various lifestyle changes.

It is recorded that if a person consumes a high-starch and low fiber diet, he/she is more prone to fall in the category of type 2 diabetes.

If a patient undergoes conventional medical care for the treatment of diabetes or diabetes 2, the practitioner or experts might recommend him/her to a high-carbohydrate diet for type 2 diabetics to achieve better results. If we consider the same case under functional medicine, then there is a possibility that your doctor is more likely to prescribe you with a diet that involves dietary carbohydrates which are lesser than the usual and are able to produce significant improvements in HbA1c, triglycerides, and cholesterol, while also lowering patients’ diabetes medication requirements.

Reducing carbohydrates intake varies from person to person, as everybody is different. Generally, people who have blood sugar regulation problems benefit from limiting carb intake to 10 to 15 percent of total calories.

Determine Which carbs Work The Best For You:

While the clinical tests which were taken to diagnose the diabetes level, they do not have any place to reflect glucose food and responses to your body.

To better understand which carbohydrate-containing foods have a tendency to check the tolerance level of your body, you’ll need to test your blood sugar at home with the following:

  • Test your blood sugar early morning after fasting for at least 10-12 hours.
  • Test your blood sugar again right before you are willing to eat your lunch.
  • Various holistic doctors in Denver have studied and concluded that it is advised not to eat anything one hour before the test during the lunchtime if you are willing to test.
  • Maintain a diary to record your blood sugar results, along with the type of carbohydrates you are consuming followed by the test.
  • Repeat the process for as long as possible. The repetition of the process will help gather the measurements to note how the foods you usually eat can influence your blood sugar levels.
  • After a few days, specifically around 4-5, do not eat your typical lunch rather consume 70-80 grams of carbs that are fast-acting, for instance, potato (boiled) or a cup of cooked white rice. Fast-acting carbs are said to break down easily to release glucose more efficiently into your system.
  • After having a rich and good carbohydrate meal, record your blood sugar levels again.

Apart from all this here’s a list of some functional foods which are proven beneficial for people suffering from diabetes!

Diabetes is a serious problem that can eat up your body in no time, if not handled properly wit care ad certain necessary preventive measures. We are blessed with ample of abundant foods by nature that has a tendency to help in the treatment of diabetes, proving that food can indeed serve as pure medicine.

1) Blueberries
2) Cacao
3) Coffee and Tea
4) Fermented Foods
5) Nuts and Seeds
6) Olive Oil
7) Resistant Starch
8) Seafood
9) Spices

Conclusion:- You can also fix the ketogenic diet which accounts for a low-carb diet helping to promote weight loss with a moderate amount of protein and high-fat diet resulting in making your body rely on fatty acids and ketones for fuel, rather than glucose.

Functional medicine in Denver has also concluded that getting rid of gluten can also help aid diabetes as gluten is responsible to increase intestinal problems.

Protein intake is a great tool for managing type 2 diabetes. As diabetes involve increased levels, the protein intake improves blood sugar control and preserves lean body mass in diabetics.


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