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How Does the Length of An Arrow Influence Your Game?


When it is about archery, the arrow length plays a quintessential role behind enhancing your game. But relatively, unfortunately, not many people emphasize on choosing the perfect arrow length. It is seen that the majority of the archers focus on other factors like arrow weight, posture while aiming. But these are as important as the arrow length. The arrow length is an underrated factor and mostly neglected even by experienced archers. Sometimes archers despite practising for an extensive period of times cannot master the game and remain unable to aim for the target. Many of them remain unaware of their faults in choosing arrow lengths and keep repeating the same mistake and practices in archery.

How Does the Length of An Arrow Influence Your Game

If someone wishes to become a successful archer, then focusing on the arrow length is an essential factor. It not only helps in enhancing an archer’s game but also maintains the utmost safety for them.

There is a misconception amongst archers that only shorter length arrows are perfect for archery. But that is not at all true. The length of an arrow relies on the size of the bow you are using, your actual draw length and also the process you plan to use the arrow.

Shorter arrows are the right choice but not for every person. It provides a stiffer spine and also helps in achieving the accurate shot. They, of course, tend to fly a lot faster than the exceptionally longer arrows, but that does not mean it will be the same for every single person.

Why is it so important to choose the perfect arrow length?

Apart from having a perfect shot, the arrow length plays a vital role in the archer’s safety as well. A short or too long arrow will cause unnecessary safety hazards while aiming for the target.

In archery, your hands are your most precious possessions helping you to excel in the sport. By choosing an imperfect arrow length which is not suitable for you will hurt your hands and this injury might cost you a lot. Numerous archers lost their career in the sport after having a hand injury.

Other than that, you can also hurt other people if you lose control of your arrows. Hence choosing the perfect arrow length is extremely important not only to have a proper shot but also maintain safety as well.

If the archer’s height is short, and he or she chooses an exceptionally long arrow, they will undoubtedly hurt their hands and will also not correctly draw the arrow to have a perfect shot. Hence choosing the perfect arrow length is essential.

Similarly, if an archer is tall and he chooses a small arrow length, he will never have proper control over the arrow and will never shoot the target smoothly.

Apart from that, you can opt to alter your arrow length. If you ever feel your arrow is too long, then you can choose to alter it by shaving a few centimetres according to your preferences. But this will not be applicable if you choose a small arrow.


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