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Top Water Sports to Try in Australia


As one of the largest islands in the world, Australia is known for its incredible beaches and intense yet fun water sports. The country is especially known for both classic and unconventional water sports which locals regularly participate in all year round. If you are currently in Australia and would like to try out a famous water sport this summer, keep reading to find out our water sport recommendations!

Top Water Sports to Try in Australia


Surfing is the bread and butter of Australia’s water sports scene, with the country often being cited as the ‘surfer’s paradise’. Not only was Australia one of the first surfing destinations in the world, it is also known for producing some of the most skilled professional surfers in the global competitive scene. In addition to competitive surfing, Australia also makes for the perfect landscape for recreational surfing as well.

With its 37,000km long coastline, there is basically no city in the country which does not have a popular surfing beach. Byron Bay in particular is known amongst ordinary Australians and global celebrities alike as a prime surfing location, and is home to beaches that are both beginner and experienced surfer friendly. Waves can reach up to 12 metres high, with the highest wave in the country recorded at 18 metres high. This makes Australia one of the best locations for surfing, and the psort a must-try for any water sport enthusiasts in the country.

Aqua Jet Pack Flying

A more unconventional yet equally as thrilling water sport popular in Australia is Aqua jet pack flying. Much like Thor, the beloved superhero played by Australia’s hottest actor Chris Hemsworth, Aqua jet pack flying allows participants to experience flight!

When Aqua jetpack flying, a device will be strapped onto your back and you will be able to press buttons on your water propeller to detonate water jets to keep you up in the air. Of course, to ensure your safety, you will need to participate in basic training first, including a five-point guide on how to strap on your harness. This water sport is popular in multiple Australian states, such as Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia.


Canoeing is a popular relaxing water sport and is one of the more family friendly water sports on this list. Able to be performed solo or as part of a larger group, canoeing is a low impact physical activity and is fit for adults and kids alike.

Especially in Australia, canoeing is a great water sport to try out during the cooler days in Summer, as sitting on a canoe for long periods of time in cold weather won’t be uncomfortable. Such weather will also add to the relaxing experience and help participants appreciate all the natural scenery that Australia has to offer.

There are many other water sports including the three listed above that would be great to try out in Australia (such as jet skiing). If you are interested in performing any of these activities, make sure you have the right accessories to increase your safety levels. Purchase your accessories such as jet ski accessories from Jet Pilot now!

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