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How SMS Marketing is Changing the Customer Experience


Technology is rapidly changing, and every business needs to adapt to the changes that come with it. Businesses have to look for other ways to boost their customer experience.

There are different ways businesses can remain in constant communication with their clients. These are email marketing, social media marketing, and SMS advertising.

How SMS Marketing is Changing the Customer Experience

Here is all you need to know about SMS advertising and how it is changing customer experiences.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is when businesses or organizations communicate with their customers through text messages. The main purpose is to promote, campaign, share news and updates, and much more. Customer experience is the perception customers might have of your brand throughout your friendship with them.

What Are the Benefits of SMS Advertising?

Many benefits come with businesses advertising through messages. Here are some of the pros of doing so.

Two-Way Traffic

When brands use messages to communicate with their customers, they promote a two-way conversation. It avoids one-way communication that depends only on what the brand says.

Depending on how customers are going to engage with the brand, brand marketers can come up with brands that are relevant to what customers want. It encourages customer participation, hence, enhancing positive customer experiences.

Not Reliant On the Internet

The use of mobile phones is growing, which is a good thing for brand marketers, especially those aiming to use SMS as a way of advertising. Text messages don’t rely on the internet to reach their recipients. Therefore, anyone owning a mobile phone of any kind can connect without depending on the internet.

Faster Response

Customers prefer a one on one mode of communication. For a brand manager, that is a win. Customers will respond to text messages faster and better than other communication channels.

Complementing Other Channels

To boost traditional campaign performances, text messaging can be used to complement other marketing channels. A good and practical example is sending a text message reminding your target audience of the great discount offers that you send them using email. It will not only boost customer experience but also increase sales.

Rise Above Competition

Even though SMS advertising is still a new marketing model, it is proving to be effective compared to other traditional modes. The opening rates of text messages are very high when compared to email opening.

Though the rate of SMS opening is high, this is a channel that will require time and careful cultivation of your customers. Once you build enough supporters, you will be able to reach a bigger audience using one text message.

Generate Traffic to Your Website

Text messages are another way to drive traffic to your website. All you have to do is send a text message to your audience with links in them. It is a very profitable move for businesses that operate online, like retail stores. The message should be direct to the point and should entice customers to check out your website for more details.

Sharing of News

Another way customer experience has been enhanced through text messaging is by sharing news. Businesses want to keep their customers with the latest growth, and text messaging is the best way. Since the rate of opening messages is very high, you can share the latest news of how your business has grown. If you have repainted your shop or relocated it, send that text, and the response you get will be mind-blowing.

Sharing of Deals

If the business is running slow, you can send your group of customers to tell them about the flash sale deal running for several hours. The response should be great because of the text message open rates.

Wrapping Up

Every business is looking for ways to promote its business. Some may choose traditional methods while others will choose modern methods. If you choose to use SMS as a way of advertising, you will need to take your time identifying ways to get your customer’s contacts either through email sign-ups on your website. Pay attention to the content you send to your customers, and you will see how text messages can transform your business.

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