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How to Clean A Baby Swing


If you are already using a baby swing to help you in the painful hours of early parenthood. You must be aware that how messy your baby’s swing can get. After all your baby swing accompanies you in the tough times of any runny nose or potty leaks or even spit ups.

How to Clean A Baby Swing

So cleanliness of your infant swing is no more just a matter of fact for good aesthetics. But it’s also necessary to keep your kids safe from all the unwanted germs that can harm your little Masters’s health. No matter its a baby swing under 50$ cleaning matters the most. Cleaning your baby’s swings thoroughly and fairly on a regular basis is a necessary part of your baby’s hygiene.

Here in this article, we are going to share a few very simple but effective ways to clean your baby swing. These tips are applicable to cleaning both indoor or even Best outdoor baby swings.

How to clean the seat of your baby swing?

When it comes to cleaning the seat of your baby swing it might be not as difficult as you are thinking and delaying the cleaning task. You only need to take some baking soda to sprinkle it on a damp towel or any other clean cloth.

From here the magic begins, a mild alkali in baking soda will help the stain and dirt to come out easily. Moreover, researches have proven that baking soda restricts grime growth as well. So you can wipe the seat and head support gently with this baking soda and damp cloth combo and make baby swing a safe place again.

Washing The Plastic And Metal Areas Of Your Baby Swing

When it comes to cleaning and washing the hard parts of the baby swing. Again baking soda can be of great help of not only clearing the surface but also keeping the odor and unwanted smells away.

You need to follow the same procedure of sprinkling a little baking soda on the damp cloth and wiping the plastic and metal parts nicely until they are shining again. In the end, don’t forget to wipe the whole thing with the dry towel to soak any extra moisture. Otherwise, the metal may initiate rusting.

Cleaning The Buckles And Toy Tray

The buckles and the toys of your baby swing are one of the most sensitive articles as far as hygiene is concerned. we all are well aware that once the baby starts moving around his hands and legs his very first gesture is to put in the things in the mouth.

Especially when the teeth development starts your baby will put everything around directly in the mouth. And the most accessible articles are no doubt baby swing’s toys and buckles. So you need to be extra vigilant in cleaning or sanitizing these articles.

If possible de-attach the toys and the possible buckles as well. Put them in the dishwasher with some mild chemical-free soap. To make them clear of any germs and bacteria that can harm your kid by causing any severe infection.

If the dishwasher doesn’t suit you much you can even give all those toys a nice long bath in an adequate amount of baking soda and water mixture. Until they get properly clear from all the unwanted particles like dirt, grime, or any other germs. You can any mild sanitizer as well.

Tips & Tricks

  • If you are not a great fan of handwork and want to clean the stuff in a washing machine. Keep in mind that you can only put the seat cover in a washing machine.
  • Washing in a machine might be ok but drying the baby swing seat in the washing machine is never a good idea. Always rely on air dry for that to avoid shrinkage issues.
  • Keeping in mind that you are not allowed to use an already sponge to help you in cleaning your kid’s stuff. As mostly the kitchen sponge is actually a germ hub, with its potential porous surface. So a used sponge can bring some unwanted guests along. while you try trying to make your baby swing a cleaner and safer place for your baby.


If you ever have a potty stain on your baby swing never try to clear it with warm water. As warm water will help the stain to penetrate deep inside the fibers of the seat or any other parts and leave it looking filthy forever.

Instead of warm water, put the stained area directly under the flowing cold water so the flow can push away all the unwanted material. After that try to wipe it softly without pushing any material inside.

Because once the poops stain will settle deep inside the fibers you may never be able to clean it. Again you can use a little sprinkle of baking soda after washing the stain to remove the undesired odor and grime.you can use some mild chemical-free soap as well.

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