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How to Hold a Virtual Business Conference


Virtual meetings have taken the world by storm since they’ve entered the scene. Just a few years ago, hosting a virtual conference would sound like something from a movie. Now, there are tons of businesses hosting them each year. How do you run an engaging conference virtually? Here are a couple of tips that should help you host one.

How to Hold a Virtual Business Conference

Use the Right Tools to Host the Event

Setting up a virtual conference is way easier if you’ve got the right tools for the job. A virtual event solutions platform would be the perfect solution.

They’ve designed platforms with all the tools you’ll need to host events online. They’re what’s going to make creating a virtual conference easy when you’re ready to host one.

You’ll even have access to a full suite of creative tools. If you’re trying to record a video, they’ve included a virtual control room. You can adjust your video’s specs as the event is happening. That’s why it’s such a powerful tool if you’re putting together a large event.

We’ve found that hybrid events can be more effective than one that’s virtual. These let people join the conference if they’re not able to make it in person. However, you still have a physical space where you’ll meet during the event.

Get the Word Out Using Social Media

You have to make sure everyone knows about your event if it’s only going to be online. There won’t be an easy way for them to receive updates if you’re not posting them online.

We’ve seen a lot of companies use their social media page as a message board where they post-event updates. They’re sent to all the company’s followers as soon as they’ve finished uploading a post.

You can even ask your followers to share the event with their friends if you’re trying to get more people to attend. They’ll be way more likely to join the event if they’ve been invited by someone they know.

Make sure to include information about an upcoming conference in your email newsletters. Those who are subscribed to your emails are more likely to attend your conference. This is because they already see the value in the information that you provide.

Let Multiple Speakers Take the Stage

A virtual event has several advantages compared to one that’s physical. You can let people speak in front of an audience from all over the world.

Often, people lose interest in what’s discussed if they’re only listening to one voice. Giving someone else a moment could help you hold their attention longer during the event.

The better they’re paying attention, the more they’ll retain from the program. You don’t have to let other people speak the whole time your audience is watching. Letting someone speak for a few moments could make your material more impactful.

This will allow someone with expertise in that niche to share an insight you may not otherwise have with your audience.

Follow a Structured Program

Trying to sit through an unstructured program can feel frustrating. Avoid making them feel that way by letting them know your program’s structure at the start of your event.

Just giving them an overview of the night’s topic should be enough to put them at ease. They’ll know where you’re heading as you move through the material. You can even let them know if they’ve got time to take a break in the middle of your event.

If you’ve let them know they’ll have a break, distractions won’t be as much of an issue. People find it easier to pay attention when they know how long it’s necessary. Stuff won’t distract them because they’ll know they’ve only got to pay attention for so long.

Interact With Your Audience

Another way you’re able to engage them is by interacting with them throughout the event. If you can get them to speak, they’ll enjoy what you’re discussing a lot more.

You could put a question section at the end of your presentation. That’s enough to get them engaged once you’ve completed your speech. But, you should still interact with them while you’re in the middle of it, too.

That’s going to make sure they’re listening to you the whole time you’re presenting.

You can also incorporate a game of Kahoot. This is a fun quiz game your audience can play on their phone following the presentation. It will quiz them on the topics learned, so they can better retain the information. You can even make it a competition, by awarding the winner with free merch or a gift card.

Giving items away like this also makes your audience feel more valued and builds a relationship.

Hosting a Virtual Business Conference

Virtual meetings aren’t going away any time soon. We’ve seen how fast they’ve grown in popularity. It’s not a surprise when you hear another company has adopted the tech. It has several benefits over methods of communication. Plus, you’re able to reach a much wider audience when you’re using the internet to speak with them.

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