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How to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm


Winter storms bring a lot of snow and freezing temperatures, rain, ice, and freezing temperatures. The winter storm can bring down trees, make pathways and road extremely unsafe, and also causes power outages that may continue for days. The storm also disrupts public transport, and it may also lead to the closure of schools. Thus, you must prepare yourself for the storm and learn to protect your family.

How to Prepare Your Home for a Winter Storm

● Set up an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Before the storm hits, it’s essential to ensure that you have quick access to anything you might need. It’s also a good idea to waterproof your crucial emergency supplies to save them from water damage by storing them in waterproof plastic bags. In addition, your emergency supply kit should include things like prescription medicine, extra batteries, flashlights, local maps if you travel, cash, weather radio, and also ensure your family’s important documents are also safely stored.

● Look for Vulnerabilities Around Your Home

In preparation for the storm, you should take a walk around your yard and house, checking for any issues. It would help if you also kept an eye out for anything that may cause difficulties during a winter storm, particularly structural problems. Go at your own pace and make sure you check for any loose siding, any openings where wind might get in, and also inspect the windows, walls, foundation, and roof thoroughly. If your roof needs replacing or to be repaired, contact professionals who specialize in roofing in Roanoke VA to get the job done. You will also want to make a list of anything else that needs to be repaired and complete it in advance.

● Be Prepared for a Power Outage

It’s a good idea to have all the cellphones in your home charged beforehand and have backup batteries if the power goes out. Additionally, if you live in a region where power outages are common, it’s best to purchase a generator, either a backup or a mobile generator, for your house. If you already own a portable generator, it’s also vital to ensure you have enough propane or gasoline to operate it during the storm. However, always use the generator outside and away from your house. Never use it indoors.

● Winterize Your Car

Another way to prepare yourself for the storm is to check your car’s battery, ignition system, heater, lights, and exhaust system. Items such as blankets, chains, jumper cables, ice scrapers, maps, warm clothes, water, a first-aid kit, and snacks should be available in your car.

● Stockpile Your Food Pantry

Since during the winter storm movement is discouraged, you should make sure you’re well-stocked on food. Your pantry should mostly have non-perishable foods and snacks so that you don’t have to worry about anything spoiling in case of a power outage. Ideally, you should have food to last you up to one week. Crackers, granola bars, canned goods, soups, hot chocolate and coffee, peanut butter, honey, bread, and grains are all good things to have on hand before the storm hits. Also, you should have fresh vegetables and fruits that don’t require refrigeration. It would help if you also stocked up on food for your pets.

● Check Your Tools and Restock Ice Melt

Supplies like ice melt sell out fast just before a storm. So, it is in your best interest to purchase ice melt in advance since you’ll need enough to cover your yard and walkways immediately after the storm, just before the snow melts into ice. Also, before the storm hits, it’s a good idea to have two or more shovels and ensure that they are in good condition.

● Insulate Your Water Pipes

You should take measures to protect your pipes if the temperatures dip to 28 degrees or below for 4 hours or longer. A frozen pipe will not only shut off your water supply, but it can cause pipes to explode since water expand when it freezes. It is considered one of the most severe consequences of winter storms.

● Look for a Different Heating Method

In most households’ electricity is used for most furnaces and gas fireplaces. And if there is a power outage, you lose your heat source. Therefore, it’s crucial to have an alternate heat source like a wood burner or a generator capable of supplying enough power to run all electrical appliances.

Make sure your house, office, and cars have the goods you’ll need before the storm hits. Also, ensure your pets and farm animals have everything they’ll need in the event of a winter storm.


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