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How To Increase Your Home Value With Landscaping?


Landscaping is often ignored during the construction phase of residential properties. Stunning front yard landscaping ideas can actually boost the value of your home to an unbelievable extent. The services of a professional landscape designer are imperative to get the best out of your landscaping budget. The first sight of your property creates the overall impression in the mind of a potential buyer. So, if he sees smooth walk-aways with a very well-maintained garden, the odds are very high that you will get an excellent deal for your home.

How To Increase Your Home Value With Landscaping

Landscaping ideas to boost your home’s value

Professional landscapers in Calgary can come up with a lot of landscaping ideas that can increase the beauty as well as the financial value of your home. Even simple landscaping hacks like outdoor lighting, cleaning the yard, and repainting the doors can attract more home buyers. Following are some really crucial factors that you must consider before jumping onto bigger landscaping projects in Calgary.

1. Purpose: You should know the use of your landscaping project by standing in the shoe of your buyer. For example, if you have a spacious yard, you can add an outdoor kitchen so that it can be utilized for intimate parties. This will attract home buyers with similar interests.

2. Maintenance: As a general rule of thumb, homebuyers prefer homes with low-cost on landscaping maintenance. Professional landscape designers in Calgary can provide you with some landscaping ideas that are very magnificent but require less time and money on maintenance.

3. Style: You should be very careful about the style preferences for your home. Buyers don’t like homes that are not built with proper style symmetry. Landscaping needs to magnify the overall style of your home. A landscape designer can help you in this regard.

Following are some famous landscaping ideas that can significantly increase the value of your home by adding more beauty to it:

Using the softscapes:

Softscaping includes the use of beautiful flowers, trees, and grass to increase the beauty of your yard. Softscaping is one of the most famous types of landscaping in Calgary because it is much cheaper as compared to other landscape options. The maintenance cost is also not very hard on your wallet if you do it in a proper way. You can expect up to a 20 percent increase in the overall value of your house with softscaping. If you have some mature trees in your yard, you should be very lucky. Make sure that your yard is free from weeds and dead branches.
Some tips for magnificent softscaping are:

  • Grow trees that require minimal maintenance but are attractive at the same time.
  • Small or medium flower bed sizes are for your home.
  • Always add sophisticated touches to your garden. It is a magnet for the buyers.
  • Ask your landscape designer to make a list of season-friendly plants that grow well in Calgary.
  • Make a smart move and use your plants to increase the privacy of your home.

Hardscaping for your home:

A perfect landscaping design is one that compliments the other components of your home. Hardscaping further magnifies the beauty of your softscapes. You can add water fountains, colourful benches, patios, fences, and even an outdoor kitchen to increase the beauty of your property. Some hardscaping options to increase the overall value of your home are:

  1. Patios: If your property has beautiful patios, you are actually giving your buyer a favour. It will save a lot of time and energy for your buyers. It is reported that more than 84% of home buyers prefer properties that have patios in front or backyards.
  2. Fence: It increases the sense of protection in your home buyer. Fences also highlight the property line, as well as they can protect the yard from wind and debris. It is a low-cost option for landscaping in Calgary.
  3. Outdoor kitchen: Everyone loves to enjoy a bbq night with family and friends. Use grills, a sink, and some concrete counters to complement the design of your outdoor kitchen further. It is guaranteed that the outdoor kitchen can bring more money to the table.
  4. Walkways: This landscaping idea is a must for every house in Calgary. Well-maintained walkways create a perception in the buyer’s mind that your home’s interior is also very organized. The best thing is, you don’t need to be rough on your budget to add beautiful walkways to your front yard.

Homebuyers are more attracted to properties with beautiful landscaping. Landscape designers in Calgary can help you to come up with low-cost, low-maintenance but elegant landscaping ideas for your home. You can significantly increase the value of your home with these landscaping tips.


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